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#1600Have I [we] been deceived?
#1601  "What to do, what to do!"
#1602   It is extremely important that God's elect in this final generation clearly understand the message of the Book of Jonah.
#1603   Here again are the instructions Jonah received from the LORD:
#1604  What is the worse predicament you have ever been in?
#1605   Do not throw away your mercy in this final generation by following the traditions of men and doing that which seems right in your own eyes!
#1606   There shall no sign be given you,
but the sign of the prophet Jonas.
#1607   Whether you or anyone else likes it or not, God's overall plan includes those who do not know the Word of God or even know what in the world is going on.

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In these first three chapters we read the details concerning the events of and the reasons for the proclamation that ALL the nations of the world are going to come to know that "Yahveh is God"
#1608 Chapter 1   In this first chapter we learn about the adulterous "sin of Samaria", the primary cause of our problems and great tribulation to come.
#1609 Chapter 2   We ignore His true prophets (i.e. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Micah, Joel, Ezekiel, David, Amos, etc.), and instead listen to any Tom, Dick or Harry who comes along saying "Jesus is Lord", "Praise the Lord", and gives them a "buzz" and a "warm fuzzy feeling" with the tasty sputtering wine of fornication (idolatry). Thus they remain Biblically illiterate in their drunken stupor and they stagger in confusion.
#1610 Chapter 3   Now Micah is going to show us what it is that the false prophets of today preach which cause our people to "err" and go astray from the Word of God.
The good news is that His kingdom IS coming soon and His will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven. Is that not what we look forward to and pray for? Therefore, let us eat our daily bread from the Word of God and walk in His ways, for there is none like Yahveh!
#1611Chapter 4   The bottom line is that the people shall be taught the difference between the two Jesus Christs, i.e. between the real Christ and His ways and the Instead-of-Christ (Satan) and his ways.
#1612 Chapter 5   We shall see the end result of that great spiritual battle when our Father shall cut off the Evil one and his troops and remove the gross idolatry, and that "image" that the son of perdition is Jesus Christ, from the house of Israel once and for all.
#1613 Chapter 6   Do you "Seek Him" or do you "Seek Bethel"? Are you a Christ-man or are you a Church-man?
#1614   Chapter 7   You see, it all begins with the "transgression of Jacob" and the "sin of Samaria", which is the idolatry of our people who have been lead astray from the Word of God where justice and truth abide and instead are taught to follow after the traditions of men.

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#1657It is written in both the Old and New Testaments
#1658 Christ told them that this verse, the part He read, was fulfilled this day.
But what about the part of the verse He did not read?
#1659We are going to learn about that "day of vengeance" in this book of Nahum (comfort),
#1660"His WRATH, the vengeance He takes, is "reserved for His enemies"
#1661 Who can "devise" anything "against" the will of God?
#1662Babylon the great shall fall at the hand of Almighty God at the return of Christ and she, that great harlot, shall "be found NO MORE AT ALL", as in gone forever!
#1663 The New World Order is interwoven (folden) together like a basket of thorns and the nations of the world are all intoxicated with her power and great might.
#1664 Oh what a joyous and Happy Day that will be!
#1665  Do not let these "Chariots of Fire" be a mystery to you for God's Word identifies them in the first (and tenth) chapters of the Book of Ezekiel! see pamphlet #1220.
#1666"Come out of her, my people"...
#1667 The whole damnable thing is going to go up in smoke! Take heed!
#1668 And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions.
#1669   As it was in the beginning, so shall it be at the end!
#1670 It is very fitting that the last world ruling empire be called "Babylon the Great"
#1671 "Woe" is not good news to hear from our Father God!
#1672    "History is prophecy" because it is true the "HIStory repeats itself"
#1673We should point out that the nations mentioned in Nahum 3:9 will also align with the "false god", Satan, in these last days as documented in Daniel chapter 11.
#1674 Babylon the great shall fall when God "shakes" her on that day of vengeance
#1675   (Remember in Luke 4:19 He read the first half of Isa. 61:2 and closed the book and sat down saying "This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.")
#1676 That fire which devours them comes from Almighty God who is a consuming fire.

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#1677Do you realize that we live during the most exciting "Biblical times" in the history of the world?
 #1678We must have an understanding of the "visions" for these last days by taking an in-depth look into the marvelous purpose and design of our Father's plan.
#1679 Let us embrace our Father's Word and see what Habakkuk saw.
#1680In so far as the Four Hidden Dynasties of Politics, Education, Economics, and Religion are used to control the minds and lives of people, you could say that in kowtowing to political correctness they are submitting to PEER pressure!
#1681Christians, get ready to ride the boat in the storm!
#1682God replied that it is His Plan to "work a wondrous work" in the last days so incredible and so unbelievable in scope that one has to "see" it to believe it.
#1683   "If God is so all knowing and all powerful then why does He allow all these bad things to happen?"
#1684 If we as Christians will show our love by taking the time to "embrace" our Father's Word, He will surely strengthen us and impart His wisdom and the knowledge of His plan to those who diligently seek the truth.
#1685   The vision is yet for an appointed time! The vision is for our day!
#1686Isn't it amazing how God's plan benefited both the oppressed and the oppressors?
#1687Let us now continue with God's answer to Habakkuk concerning His purpose for allowing the unjust to triumph over the just.
#1688In fact, the only power Satan has is that which our Father allows.
#1689Our loving Father is not really all that concerned about these flesh bodies we are housed in temporarily, but rather with the souls of all His children because He loves them all.
#1690Habakkuk wrote these words for those present at the "appointed time" (Hab. 2:3), the time of the end.
#1691I will punish the world for their evil
#1692Do you remember by what means God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah?
#1693When the President of the United States quotes the Word of God before the entire world, we Christians should be wise enough to know that he DID so.
#1694    We must have the wisdom from His Word to understand our Father's great purpose in the wondrous work which He shall work in these last days.
#1695Spiritually speaking many Christians will have "married", as in gone to bed with, i.e. SLEPT with, the wrong bridegroom, Satan as the false-christ!
#1696Soooo... you had better check out real good what is in the glass "handed to you" when your preacher or minister gives you something to "drink"!
#1697You see, God is going to allow Satan and his angelic host to come and "march upon the breadth of the land", i.e. the whole world, and "to possess the dwellingplaces that are not theirs".
#1698By the way, the confederacy, the New World Order, is becoming quite strong these days, isn't it?
#1699This is the only place in God's Word other than the Psalms where the term "Selah" is used.
#1700"Before God delivers His people He brings forth the pestilences (plagues, i.e. pours out the vials), which are as burning coals, especially to His enemies."
#1701   God will turn the NWO against itself.

#1702 Remember, the king of Assyria is a type of Satan (Isa. 14:25).

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#1703 Christian soldiers will take their stance against the fiery darts of the Wicked One.
#1704   Zephaniah 1:1 contains the "hidden manna" of His message to us.
#1705Yes, the shadow of the sundial did once go back 10 degrees for a sign as King Hezekiah desired.
#1706 Many shall NOT have put on "immortality" when Christ returns and so throughout the Millennium they are referred to as "the dead". Why?
#1707   Let us now continue with what it is God shall consume.
#1708 How many people do you know who hunger and thirst after the Word of God?
#1709The brook of living water (His Word) can topple a mighty man!
#1710   You might even say "It's all over but the shouting, now!" for the history of tomorrow has already been written, and you are reading it!
#1711 Even though they go to church they shall still "faint for thirst"
#1712 Jesus Christ is returning expecting to marry a virgin bride, but...!
#1713   The choice is all yours from this day forward!
#1714 If you haven't "taken heed" you are on real shaky ground my friend!
#1715   Let us now read of the demise of the strongholds of the enemies of our people:
#1716 He shall free His people and restore them to His fold!
#1717   Assyria, the type of Babylon the great of these end times, shall be utterly destroyed when "He stretches out His hand"!
#1718 There shall be another, a false messiah also riding on a "white horse" (Rev. 6:1), who will appear before the Faithful and True Messiah comes and who will claim that it is he who is the true messiah.
#!719 That's right, Satan was once a high priest among our people and he walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire!
1720 The great day of the LORD is near, it is near
#1721 The plan is written!The end has been declared from the beginning!
#1722 God will clear out, take away out of the midst of her, the arrogant and the proud
#1723 That's right! He is NOT a god! He never was! (Cue Satant's theme song, "The Great Pretender".)


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#1731   Chapter 1   In verses 1:2 through 6:9 we will see what the "chief good" is not.
#1732 Chapter 2
#1733 Chapter 3
#1734 Chapter 4
#1735 Chapter 5
#1736 Chapter 6   From verses 6:10 to 12:12 we will see what the "chief good" is.
#1737 Chapter 7
#1738 Chapter 8
#1739 Chapter 9
#1740   Chapter 10
#1741 Chapter 11
#1742 Chapter 12

#1752The age old question asked by the servants of God both "then" and "now" is, "When shall the end of this earth age be?
#1753   How many Christians do you know who go to Him privately, to His Word, and seek the answers to their questions?
#1754Keep in mind that what you are about to read and hear may be so completely different than this illustrated "tradition" handed down by the churches for many generations that it might "set you on your heels".
#1755First of all, would it surprise you to know that the word "apple" is not even mentioned anywhere in the Book of Genesis?
#1756   Let's go to Genesis and see what happened in the garden.
#1757   Here we have it! The two seeds of the Parable of the Tares!
#1758"How long until the end when He returns?"
#1759And we now KNOW from history the exact "day" when the fig tree was planted, for it has already come to pass.
#1760   What ever happened to Cain after he "went out from the presence of the LORD"?
#1761   Lets take a look at Cain his children throughout the scriptures.
#1762   The Nethinim brought back some Levites, but they did not come back with very many.
#1763   The Israelites are TWO STICKS, not one!
#1764   The question is "Just who are those today who claim to be Jews (of Judah) but are NOT?"
#1765  Understand, there are both good figs and bad figs, as in edible figs and non-edible figs!
#1766Who are the kenites of the house of Hemath?
#1767   Let us now go to the New Testament a learn from the Teacher of teachers.
#1768   Let us return to Mark 11 and to the teaching concerning the fig tree.
#1769Jesus said Learn it! Mark 13:28 Now learn a parable of the fig tree;...
#1770 Why are you here?  How did you get here? Where did you come from? What happens to you when you die?
#1771  Would you stake your eternal salvation on your chance of winning the lottery today?
#1772 Suppose you were all alone in the world. Would you be happy and content?; for very long?
#1773  Most people suppose that the Plan of God starts with Genesis 1:1, but it does not!
#1774When you answer to your Father, your preacher won't be there to answer for you.
#1774  He said so! You just read it!  And we loved it, else we wouldn't have shouted for joy!
#1775 In Genesis 1:1 we learn God created the earth to BE INHABITED, not in vain! See Isaiah 45:18
#1776  God did not create the earth in a state of utter waste and desolation.It BECAME that way!
#1777  Satan WORE the "Breastplate of a Priest of God"
#1778  Satan was judged and sentenced to eternal DEATH!
#1779  The Word of God tells us "why" the dinosaurs perished.
#1780  All of this and we haven't gotten to Gen. 1: 2 yet!
#1781 Do you know why human bones and remains are NOT found along with those of the dinosaurs?
#1782 Do you know who destroyed the prehistoric age and the dinosaurs and the cities and reduced the beautiful fruitful place to a wilderness?
#1783  Chances are you don't even know about the "Letter to the Reader" which was written by the translators of the 1611 King James Bible and used to appear in all printed copies; but not anymore!
#1784 So the Word of God says that He destroyed this earth before (the 1st heaven and earth age of Gen. 1:1) and He'll do it again.
#1785 We are accountable for our own beliefs.
#1786 In today's lesson we are going to learn "WHY" we are in flesh bodies,
#1787  Judgment occurs only after those who are still unsaved at Christ's return have been taught SELF DISCIPLINE by Jesus Christ Himself and His saints for 1000 YEARS
#1788 It is worth repeating that you MUST go through the PROCESS of being born in the flesh.
#1789  Jesus is talking about a man being BORN first of "water" AND then of "spirit".
#1790 God appointed, ordained, decreed, ordered, commanded, any way you wish to state it, that ALL of his sons should be born in the flesh and die and return to Him before the Millennium and before He conducts the final judgment.
#1791  Now think carefully about this next question. Must you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and accept His sacrifice for your sins while here in the flesh?
#1792 What does predestination means?
#1793  The Bible isnít merely some religious work written by man.
#1794 This flesh age will soon end!
#1795 By our own FREE WILL some of us have chosen to die the second death!
#1796Those of us who have part in the first resurrection shall reign with Christ during the Millennium.
#1797So where are we now in the overall Plan of God?
#1798 Which do you have in your forehead? The "mark of the beast" or the "seal of God"!
#1799 All that causes pain and suffering and death is written in the Word of God.