Christian open your eyes to see truths which are not taught is many churches.
You may first need to have Jesus teach you to see the men as trees walking?"
(live link-) to-"See Men as Trees Walking"

Visit and:

Learn about the first earth age. -IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED

Learn that the flood which covered the whole earth did not happen in Noah's day. Lucifer's Flood

Learn about the second earth age 1st four days of New Creation,

Learn why we are now here on earth in animal like flesh and blood bodies.
Learn which animals were created before man on the sixth day.
Learn which men were created on the sixth day. fifth and sixth days of new creation

Learn why Adam and Eve weren't created until the eighth day.
Learn which animals wern't created until after Adam on the eighth day. Eighth day man

Learn what really bad happened in the "Garden of Eden".
    Hint! It wasn't Eve eating fruit from apple tree. What happened in the garden

Learn abount the Giants who once lived on earth.  Yes, there were giants in the earth in those days

Learn what God really meant when he said, "Noah was perfect in his gennerations".
Learn why God flooded the land around where Noah lived. Noah's flood

Learn that Cain's descendants survived Noah's flood and are alive and living among us today. The sons of Cain (kenites) survived the Flood of Noah

Learn about the alleged "Rapture of the Church". Rapture
Well it ain't going to happen! At least not before the "Great Tribulation"!

Learn what to know the Lord really means. Saved by grace)

Learn about the Beasts of Revelations  The first beast has risen

Learn what "The Tribulation of the End Time" is all about.
Learn about the seven seals, the seven trumpets, the seven plaques and the seven vails of Revelation.
Seals 1,2,3 & 4 of Revelation
Seals 5 & 6 of Revelation
Seal 7 & the 7 trumps of Revelation
Seven angels & seven plagues
Seven Vials of Revelation

Learn about the "Great Whore" of Revelations 17 the Great Whore

Learn why Jesus said, "Only those who endure til the end will be saved"! Endure to the end)

Learn when Christ really return to earth. The seventh trump

Learn what happens next after Christ returns The Millennium

Learn about the "Walking dead" living during the Millennium. The Walking Dead

Learn what really happens to those of us who die in our sins. The Great White Throne

Learn about "the third heaven and earth". A New Heaven and a New Earth