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The book of Habakkuk Introduction

Habakkuk Chapter 1

Habakkuk Chapter 2

Habakkuk Chapter 3

Individual short Habakkuk studies below

#1677Do you realize that we live during the most exciting "Biblical times" in the history of the world?

 #1678We must have an understanding of the "visions" for these last days by taking an in-depth look into the marvelous purpose and design of our Father's plan.

#1679 Let us embrace our Father's Word and see what Habakkuk saw.

#1680In so far as the Four Hidden Dynasties of Politics, Education, Economics, and Religion are used to control the minds and lives of people, you could say that in kowtowing to political correctness they are submitting to PEER pressure!

#1681Christians, get ready to ride the boat in the storm!

#1682God replied that it is His Plan to "work a wondrous work" in the last days so incredible and so unbelievable in scope that one has to "see" it to believe it.

#1683   "If God is so all knowing and all powerful then why does He allow all these bad things to happen?"

#1684 If we as Christians will show our love by taking the time to "embrace" our Father's Word, He will surely strengthen us and impart His wisdom and the knowledge of His plan to those who diligently seek the truth.

#1685   The vision is yet for an appointed time! The vision is for our day!

#1686Isn't it amazing how God's plan benefited both the oppressed and the oppressors?

#1687Let us now continue with God's answer to Habakkuk concerning His purpose for allowing the unjust to triumph over the just.

#1688In fact, the only power Satan has is that which our Father allows.

#1689Our loving Father is not really all that concerned about these flesh bodies we are housed in temporarily, but rather with the souls of all His children because He loves them all.

#1690Habakkuk wrote these words for those present at the "appointed time" (Hab. 2:3), the time of the end.

#1691I will punish the world for their evil

#1692Do you remember by what means God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah?

#1693When the President of the United States quotes the Word of God before the entire world, we Christians should be wise enough to know that he DID so.

#1694    We must have the wisdom from His Word to understand our Father's great purpose in the wondrous work which He shall work in these last days.

#1695Spiritually speaking many Christians will have "married", as in gone to bed with, i.e. SLEPT with, the wrong bridegroom, Satan as the false-christ!

#1696Soooo... you had better check out real good what is in the glass "handed to you" when your preacher or minister gives you something to "drink"!

#1697You see, God is going to allow Satan and his angelic host to come and "march upon the breadth of the land", i.e. the whole world, and "to possess the dwellingplaces that are not theirs".

#1698By the way, the confederacy, the New World Order, is becoming quite strong these days, isn't it?

#1699This is the only place in God's Word other than the Psalms where the term "Selah" is used.

#1700"Before God delivers His people He brings forth the pestilences (plagues, i.e. pours out the vials), which are as burning coals, especially to His enemies."

#1701   God will turn the NWO against itself.