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The complete book of John
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  2015 and 2002 studies of John on same file.

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2002 studies

#1501 Chapter 1   In this book of John we learn that real light is not what we, through our flesh eyes, perceive it to be.

#1502 Chapter 2In this chapter we see the very first miracle of eight, performed by the Lord Jesus Christ, and recorded by John in the book of John.  One thing that we must keep in mind, and that is that there is a deeper meaning to each one of them and that meaning is made visible to those with eyes to see and ears to hear, i.e. His chosen disciples.

#1503Chapter 3 Did you use your eyes to see and understand what Jesus just taught? If not go back to John 3:3and go over it again! You need to understand this!

#1504Chapter 4 True worshippers worship the Father. (Of course!) And they worship Him in "spirit" and "truth". What is truth?It is the Word of God. (Of course!) Yes, Jesus and that little black book, over there, on the coffee table.

#1505Chapter 5 Many people today have the very Word of God in their midst, right on their coffee table or book shelf. Of course they usually refer to it as the Bible, not the Word of God! Think about it!

#1506Chapter 6  One of the reasons people have difficulty understanding the Bible is that they cannot think on a level higher than the flesh, i.e. the physical, earthly.

#1507Chapter 7 They usually will say something like, "I'm going to ask my preacher about that." And if you then say, "Why don't you go ask Jesus?", they will look at you like you're nuts.

#1508Chapter 8 You have to admit, John 8:3-11 has got to be one of the funniest scenes in the whole Bible. And I'll bet these dudes were steaming hot!

#1509Chapter 9 If you are destined to have your eyes opened in this final generation, then so shall it be. You can read the details of how it will happen in this 9th chapter of John.

#1510Chapter 10  Jesus Christ will now teach us the difference between false shepherds and shepherds of the True Shepherd.

#1511Chapter 11 Now, don't be as ill informed as the folks in (John 11:36)!  They believed Jesus was weeping because He was as mournful for Lazarus' death as they were!  WRONG!

#1512Chapter 12 You can walk in magnificent churches with stain glassed windows, you can walk on holy ground, you can walk among holy men, you can walk around all over town and say "Praise the Lord" to everyone, but if you do not walk in the Word of God, you walk in darkness everywhere you walk!

#1513 Chapter 13 When something is written of or spoken by the Word of God long before it comes to pass, and then we see it come to pass exactly as it is written, it makes His Word REAL, and it greatly increases our faith and trust in Him.

#1514 Chapter 14 He was the I AM come down from heaven, born from above, to tabernacle in the flesh, to pay the price on the cross as the Lamb of God, that His sons and daughters might believe in Him and be saved.

#1515 Chapter 15 Without being fed from the Word of God, you can do nothing. So you may be a branch, even call yourself a Christian, but if you don't stay attached to His Word, the Vine, you will produce no fruit.

#1516 Chapter 16   Do you realize that when Satan shows up in the temple, performing miracles, and claiming to the world that he is Jesus, that many of our loved ones will believe he is in fact Jesus?

#1517  Chapter 17 We were with Him, even on "His side" (as opposed to being of that 1/3 who were drawn away by Satan (Rev. 12:4), before the overthrow of the first earth age and creation of this present earth age.

#1518  Chapter 18 The "sword" is part of the Gospel Armor (Eph. 6:17), so on a spiritual level, when a true servant of God takes action with the "two-edged sword", depending on who you are, you may get your "ears lowered",

#1519  Chapter 19 You know that there is the True Son of God, Jesus, but there is also the false-christ, the instead-of-the-Son, or spurious messiah, who will come to earth claiming to be Jesus. And the whole world will deceived by this imposter who will perform miracles in the sight of men. The point is, the world will choose him just as they chose Barabbas. So don't go with the crowd, stay with His Word!

#1520 Chapter 20 It is commonly taught that Jesus rose at "sunrise" on Easter Sunday morning, but then what else is new? It is also commonly taught that He was crucified on what the churches call "Good Friday". Both traditional teachings are Biblically incorrect, but then again, what else is new?

#1521 Chapter 21  Jesus has now appeared twice to His disciples following His resurrection and is about to show Himself for the third time, for a very special reason

Special study from John chapter 8
#1522 You have to admit, John 8:3-11 has got to be one of the funniest scenes in the whole Bible. And I'll bet these dudes were steaming hot!
#1523   They are liars and are of the synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2:9, 3:9).
#1524  I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.
#1525  Judah [the Jews] has/have been infiltrated by the sons of Cain

Special study from John chapter 12
#1528  How do you walk in the light? The Word of God is the light!
#1529  Should it be any surprise that we are nation of Biblical illiterates?

Special study from John chapter 13
#1530  What do you mean you thought Jesus was crucified on Good Friday?

Special study from John chapter 14
#1531  Now concerning the "way", if the Word of God is true and Jesus Christ is the Son of God, then there is only one way to be saved and abide forever in God's house, and that Way is through Jesus Christ.

Special study from John chapter 15
#1532   Do you think you were born on __/__/__ by accident or has it occurred to you that you could be part of His plan?

Special study from John chapter 18
#1535   Peter was a card carrying member of the NSA, the National Sword Association

Special study from John chapter 19
#1539   On a deeper level there must be something else Jesus wants us to see.
#1540    It is a shame our teachers and ministers don't teach the full story of the miracle on the cross to our people

Special study from John chapter 20
#1541   Jesus was crucified Wednesday and rose on Saturday!

#1542   John 20:19  just has to increase your faith in the Word of God because, Mary Magdalene, the first person to see the resurrected Christ, has just been instructed by Him to go and tell His brethren that He is ascending to the Father, and she does exactly as the Word of God tells her to do.