#6. That, Satan did corrupt a branch of that eighth day line before it ever really got started when he seduced Eve in the garden and she bore Cain. A pure branch did survive through Adam's and Eve's son Seth.
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#7. That, after eighth day man's expulsion from the garden, Satan continues, through his offspring and loyalists from the first earth age, to try and corrupt the seed line to Christ.  Over several generations some of our brothers, still being loyal to Lucifer/Satan came to earth without entering through the womb and impregnated daughters of Seth's descendants.
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#8. That, the situation got so bad that when there were only eight pure Adamic descendants left in the land, God decided to destroy all other human life, in that part of the world, with a second but less devastating local flood.
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#9. That, even after Noah's flood more of our brothers, those still loyal to Lucifer/Satan, came to earth without entering through the womb. From the call of Abram, to the rising up of the nation of Israel from, Abraham's seed, Satan continues to try to ruin God's plan to provide a way for us to attain salvation. God has stopped Satan's every attempt. A pure strain on humans did survive through Abraham and Sarah - Isaac - Jacob (Israel), and from that line God came to earth, through the womb of a virgin descendant, in the person of Jesus Christ, but not without continued attempts by Satan to avert His plan.
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