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Study the 1st. 11 chapters of Genesis word for word:
All 11 chapters in one complete study

Links below are all 11 broken down into smaller studies
#6200 There are two major points to keep in mind before we begin this adventure into the beginning.
#6201 Creation vs. Evolution.
#6202 "The first words of truth and wisdom"
#6203 Uh, oh! We have a big problem here understanding the first two verses of the Bible!
#6204 Peter's three heaven and earth ages!
#6205 But why did God destroy the first heaven and earth age?
#6206 The earth created in the beginning (Gen 1:1), perished (Gen 1:2).
#6207 Each new day begins with the words "And God said..."
#6208 Do not to be ignorant about the length of God's day!
#6209   The choice is between light and darkness.
#6210 Solar terminology & Lunar terminology Good & bad
#6211    We now come to the sixth day.
#6212 "Let 'us' make mankind in 'our' image."
#6213 Do you suppose that you look like yourself? As you did before you were born in the flesh?
#6214 We approach the eve of the seventh day, the Lord's Day, which is the millennium.
#6215 Discover and document who the tree of the knowledge of good and evil really is.
#6216   Now we come to the eighth day.
#6217    Some would speculate that the "curve" taken from Adam was in fact his DNA.
#6218    OK, it is now time to "grow-up" and mature in the Word of God.
#6219   Let's talk about TREES.
#6220Will you believe Christ or hang on to the apple tree teechings?
#6221   In Matthew 13, Christ spoke several parables.  Do you know why He spoke in parables?
#6222   Now back to the Book of Beginnings.
#6223    "Remind me sometime and I'll tell you what really happened in the garden".
#6224    Sometimes those who are "street wise" have an advantage in understanding the realities of the flesh man.
#6225   Eve was not formed until the eighth day.
#6226   Adam and Eve now needed a covering, because of sin.
#6227   Cain and Abel were both Eve's sons, but they both were not Adam's, only Abel was.
#6228Plain and simply, like it or not, believe it or not, Cain was Satan's son, not Adam's.
#6229Cain's wife was from the sixth day creation (refer to previous lessons).
#6230   The sons of Cain made it through the flood!
#6231Cain was spared because he will be used to fulfill the "negative part" of God's plan.
#6232   Remember, since Cain was not Adam's son, he is not listed in Adam's genealogy in chapter five.
#6233   Either you have eyes to see and understand or you don't, but it is the Word of God.
#6234    Do you believe the Bible is the Word of God or not?
#6235   If you do not understand what happened in chapter six of Genesis, that caused our Father to bring about the Flood of Noah, you will not understand what is about to take place in our generation in the very near future
#6236Wait a minute!   You just said there's no sex in heaven.
#6237   Yes, there were giants in the earth in those days (Gen 6:4), both before and after the flood.
#6238   And just exactly what was going on before the flood?
#6239Noah was PERFECT in his family history, his generations, his family tree, his pedigree
#6240Noah's the Flood was not universal!
#6241   Noah was preaching against getting involved with the sons of God, the fallen angels!
#6242  This fixes the exact date of the Flood, beginning the solar year 2348 B.C.
#6243Modern day searchers of the Ark keep looking on the mountain in Turkey named Ararat. Perhaps they do err!
#6244   God did not create every plant on earth to be eaten, such as poison ivy, etc. anymore than He created all animal life to be eaten! There are two "qualifiers" for the flesh that shall be eaten
#6245Notice the repetition of the word "And" at the beginning of the verses in chapter 9
#6246The whole eretz{land not earth}
#6247   It was Noah who cursed Canaan, not God.
#6248Don't listen to stupidity!
#6249   Sons of Cain (Kenites) alive and well after Noah's flood.
#6250Gentiles, races other than Noah's, in their lands.
#6251Historians, including Biblical historians, often overlook a very important fact about the names of peoples.
#6252You can look it up for yourself, it's there.
#6253As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.
#6254    And so it was, as the sons of Noah and their descendents moved against the gentiles, that the nations were divided in the earth.
#6255   Who were the "they" who were migrating from the east?
#6256Let's review what we learned from the first 11 chapters of the Bible.

#7001   Let's take a fresh look at Genesis Chapters 1 & 2
#7002The Eighth Day of Creation
#7003The Differences between Genesis Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 creation.
#7008   John Rhine's Notes about Genesis/Creation
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