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The book of Mark 
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Chapter 1 talks about:  The "dead" are the spiritually dead (meaning they have not accepted Christ as their savior) who are still living in their flesh bodies during the time that the changing takes place. The rising that shall take place is at the seventh and last trumpet and there is going to be an instant changing of all persons still living in their flesh bodies. This changing from the flesh bodies into their new incorruptible bodies, or spiritual [soul] bodies will be faster than you can wink an eye. There will be a lot  of dead bodies scattered in the streets around the world, but all souls who formerly lived in those flesh bodies (terrestrial bodies) will instantly be changed into their new "incorruptible" bodies. (celestial bodies) 

Chapter 2 talks about:   The purpose of the church is to go out and plant seeds in the minds of the sinners and bring them to repentance. However it has become a place of social gatherings, and one trying to out do the other in self pride. In many cases the religious community has lost sight of just why they were established in the first place. The dear souls of this world today are hurting and they are looking for comfort that only comes from the Comforter, and that is the mission of the church, and it is given later in Mark 16:15, where Jesus is giving His disciples their great commission

Chapter 3 talks about: How we are not to destroy these Kenites? Definitely not, but they are part of all the parables, especially dealing with the end times. Truth will set you free, and we are to become wiser than the serpent, and his people the Kenites. The Kenites are playing a role within the plan of God, to bring those prophesies to pass exactly as God has said that be. God has given us the power over them through His Holy Spirit. The spiritual battle is real, and we have the victory.

Chapter 4 talks about: This age of the flesh, and how eternal life comes by your faith in what you do and believe, and your repentance for your sins in Jesus name. You are saved by God's grace for believing in His son and accepting the shed blood of Christ as the price for the forgiveness for your sins. Your faith is demonstrated when you say "In Jesus name", for that is letting the Father know you accept sight unseen the sacrifice of Christ's death on the cross. You accept it because it is written in His Word.

Chapter 5 talks about: Faith being a very precious thing, and it is something that must come from within you. Faith comes by allowing the Word to germinate within your mind by the Holy Spirit. Remember what Jesus said earlier, that if you don't understand the parable of the sower, you won't understand any of the rest of the teachings. The "Parable of the sower" is the planting of the seed, and allowing the Holy Spirit to germinate that seed of truth in the mind to where the stock is formed, then the ears come on the stock and finally the corn is formed on the ears. You take in the Word of God into your mind, and the Holy Spirit gives you the germination of that thought or idea to where your ears are formed that gives you the understanding. It is after the ears are formed that the fruit or kernels of corn or fruit comes on the ears.

Chapter 6 talks about: The fact that there are two fathers given that the children will turn their hearts to, the one is Satan, while the other is Jesus Christ. Before the coming of Jesus at the second coming, there will be no fence dwellers, people that can't make up their minds between Jesus and Satan. All people will either be committed to Jesus or to Satan, and many will commit themselves to Satan in ignorance, for they do not know the Word of God, nor what it says of the times and events of that day. They don't know what the enemy Satan looks like, and their perceptions of the time of deception, or also known as the time of the great tribulation, is so distorted that they will actually believe Satan to be the Christ. Why? There traditions and doctrines have led them into believing false teaching; even the false teaching from within today's Christian church.

Chapter 7 talks about:   How in fact many of you know, "full well", you have rejected the commandments of God, so that you can follow your own church traditions. Stop and look at some of the reasons that many of the rituals practices today got started in many churches. They all tie back to what father, mother, grandparents, and generations of the past substituted for any reason into their worship. Some super preacher of the past generation thought up some easy way to circumvent God's Word, and the family has been doing it ever since. Their thought was, "It doesn't matter if it goes against God's Word for it has always been done this way, and that is the way it will be done." This is the attitude of these Kenites Pharisees and religious leaders in Jesus day, and it is the same stupidity used today.

Chapter 8 talks about: The feeding of the 4000 who had been without food for 3 days

Mark 8:8 "So they did eat, and were filled: and they took up of the broken meat that was left seven baskets."

These is no shortage of instruction in God's Word, and no matter how well you think that you know the Word, God has something more for you to know.

Chapter 9 talks about:  How Jesus had taken His disciples aside many times and told them that His life would be taken, and each time they indicated that they understood what Christ was trying to tell them. However, here again, they are talking as if they do not know about Jesus death on the cross, and the three days that He will be in the tomb. In reality they think that Jesus will be with them for ever here in the flesh. They were trying to block the crucifixion from their minds.

Chapter 10 talks about:  What Jesus told the rich man he must do to have treasures in heaven. Do you think Christ was explaining this on the physical or the spiritual level?

Chapter 11 talks about:  How these Pharisees and priests are from their father Satan, from that sinful act with Eve in the garden of Eden. The results of that act was the birth of their son, Cain.  Adam took part at the same time in that act, and his son was righteous Abel, whom Cain murdered. 

Chapter 12 talks about: How the prophets were treated, some beaten, some stoned, throne into pits in Jeremiah's case, and all sorts of treatment for the sake of their giving forth, "Thus saith the Lord God." Of course John the Baptist was the last of these prophets, and he was beheaded for his witness. This is symbolic of God's house, so I ask you, What good is a house of God, if it does not produce fruit? By fruit that I mean, not just people that know how to say, "Yes, I'm saved." Yet have no idea what the Word of God is all about. A Christian is a man of Christ, and should know those things about Christ, both of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Christ's man is familiar with the teaching of Christ.

Chapter 13 talks about: One of the most talked about subjects today is the end times and all the events that surround those times. There is no reason that we be anxious of these times, for Jesus told us to wait patiently on Him. In Mark 13 Jesus is going to give His disciples, and to us the seven seals, and these seals are also recorded in the Book of Revelation. They are the seals that mark the end of this earth age of the flesh. The very word "Revelation" means "to reveal", to make known.
Jesus is giving us in this chapter the seven events that must come to pass to bring to an end to this age, and the return of Christ. There are many church traditions that complicate the simplicity of what Jesus is teaching here. This is why we should have our ear tuned to the Lord Jesus Christ, and not to man's traditions. So the subject to this entire chapter is, "When is the end of this world age, and what are the events that mark that coming."
It's me  John again: The moral of the story is "if you are still in your flesh and blood body", the person in the temple, claiming to be Christ isn't Him! No matter how many miracles he performs, he's Satan!

Chapter 14 talks about: Jesus Christ was raised up from the dead on the third day, and on that day Jesus did "requite them", which is to say "put them under His feet." Every detail that happened that night is well recorded in the Old Testament. There are no accidents nor unsolved mysteries with our heavenly Father. It was determined long beforehand that Judas would betray Jesus. This is why it is important for you to know that God's entire Word is meshed together to form the complete instructions for this earth age of the flesh that you and I are living in. There is nothing new under the sun.

All souls must pass through this earth age, and many of them have been elected to help others pass through this time of the flesh, and assist them to salvation. God gave us His Word to instruct us just how we are to do those services for Him, once we have been saved, and He expects us to do the works for Him. When He gave you the task to do, He also gave you the gifts to make it possible to do your part. However, many are too lazy to study His Word and know what they are to do, and they many times get in the way of the work of Christ by their own ignorance. When you support a teaching ministry, or use those gifts that God has given you, then you become an active part in God's Word.

When the false messiah arrives here on earth and you know the truths and seals of God's Word, and have become an active part of God's ministry, there is no way that you will be deceived by Satan, the Antichrist, upon his arrival.

Chapter 15 talks about:  Our Christian churches today are leading us, by their traditions right down this same path that the Kenite scribes led our forefathers down, when they demanded the death of Christ. Our brothers, in this end generation will do what they do and say what they say in ignorance, because our religious leaders aren't teaching us to recognize truth. Many of us will follow the false-christ because our church traditions and doctrines don't instruct us how to tell the difference between what is holy and what is profane, or even that there is a difference.

Chapter 16 talks about: 

Before we start our study on Mark 16, lets get the time sequence of events straight in our minds and in accordance to the Gregorian calendar, the calendar which we commonly use today. First of all, "Palm Sunday" happened the Sunday just prior to the Passover Sabbath, which started on Wednesday at sundown of that week. That was the time of Christ's entry into Jerusalem, whereby the people that went before Christ and cried out; "Hosanna; Blessed is He That cometh in the name of the Lord," so this would be three days prior to the Passover. Remember that the new day did not start at midnight, but the day started at sundown the day prior, no matter where you were around the world. So Monday would begin at sundown on Sunday evening.

On Tuesday during the day, Jesus sat with His disciples on the Mount of Olives, gazing out over the east gate of Jerusalem, and Jesus prophesied to them the seven seals that would mark the end of this earth age of the flesh. We covered this in Mark 13, and we saw that those seven events that Jesus spoke of were the same seven seals and seven trumpets of the book of Revelation. Though the seven seals are not in order as they occur, the seven trumpets are in order for they sound the beginning of those events.

Then after sundown on Tuesday evening the twelve disciples met in the upper room for what we commonly call "the last supper". It was at this supper that our lord gave us the example to follow, for the remembrance of the sacrifice that He was about to become in His death on the cross. This example that we carry out even to today is the taking of the cup, and the bread, in the "Communion service", and we are to continue taking it until Jesus return at the last trumpet. Judas departed after this communion to go to the religious leaders to betray Christ.

On the evening of Tuesday after the last supper, Jesus departed with the disciples for Gethsemane, where the disciples waited at a distance, and our Lord went on a little farther to Pray. After a few hours of prayer, Judas and the Temple mob came to take Jesus into custody, where later that evening the Jews held their council, to find a way to bring charges sufficient to murder Christ. Remember that those priests and scribes were not of brother Judah, but Kenites filling the position of the Levitical priests. They were appointed by the Roman governor and thus the high priest position became a political position filling a religious responsibility. Their traditions had taken the place of the laws of Moses.

By morning, the entire counsel of priests, scribes and elders came together, and plotted with lies and deceptions to take Jesus to Pilate and demand that he put Jesus to death. So by the time that the Roman Governor Pilate started his days business on Wednesday morning, the plot had thickened, and Jesus trial before Pilate began.

Jesus' persecution took place on that Wednesday morning, and by noon they had found Jesus guilty of drummed up charges, and to keep the peace, Pilate washed his hands of the whole affair. At Wednesday high noon they put the spikes through our Lord's hands and feet, and hung Him on the tree/cross. At that moment, the entire earth darkened, and remained dark until three, the time that our Lord Jesus Christ died. At that instant, when He gave up the Ghost, the earthquakes shook the earth, the graves opened, and many dead were seen walking the streets of Jerusalem. This was such a overwhelming sight that even the Roman centurion knew that it was the Son of God that they had crucified.

Then Joseph of Arimathaea went to Pilate and boldly sought the release of Jesus body to him for he was the kinsman redeemer of Jesus. Joseph placed Jesus body in His tomb by Wednesday sundown, the start of Passover on that Wednesday evening where Christ flesh body lay dead in the tomb. This started the three days and three nights that God, through the prophets said that Jesus would be in the tomb. Jesus would be in the tomb from sundown Wednesday, through Thursday, and also Friday, and then on Saturday, after sundown, Jesus came out of the tomb victorious. This is where Mark 16 begins. Lets read it together.