I believe you need to know:
#1. That,
billions of years ago, God had wisdom, but He was all alone.
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He decided:
#1 to have a family, so He created us, His children
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(live link-) to-I also believe, Your angel in heaven is non other than you!
(live link-) to-We, you and me, were all created before the earth existed.

and #2 He also created the heaven, and the earth as a beautiful place for us to live.

#2. That, Lucifer betrayed God during that first earth age, God, in anger, removed all of us from the earth, destroyed it, and sentencing Lucifer to death, "TO BE NO MORE"! Sentence to be carried out at a later date, according to God's plan.
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#3. That, then according to God's plan for our salvation, He created a second earth age
(live link-) to-1st four days of New Creation,

#4. That, He now chose to place us into flesh and blood bodies similar to animal bodies in this second earth age.
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and on the seventh day He rested.
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#5. That, on the eighth day he formed a new man and women, for a special purpose. It would be through this man (Adam) and his wife (Eve) that a savior for all mankind would be born.
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