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#5121  James instruction book is specifically written to the Christian nations of the world; the 12 tribes scattered abroad who would recognize his voice and be awaiting the Lord's return.
#5122   Do you seek wisdom from the Lord, i.e. from His Word?
#5123  It is amazing how many people go to church just in case there is a God.
#5124   How do you see yourself when you look in the "mirror"?
#5125   Would you like to know what our Father sees as "pure religion" and worthy of His blessings.
#5126   You can't pick and choose from the commandments of God which ones you will keep and which ones you won't.
#5127   We live in a nation full of Biblically illiterate professing Christians all of whom claim to have faith.
#5128   There is much more spiritual starvation in our land than there is physical.
#5129  Many very intelligent men and women are void of wisdom, because wisdom comes from the Word of God which they reject.
#5130   When you submit yourself to God, He builds an hedge about you and He gives you power over all your enemies, including Satan!
#5131  Why is it that so many Christians do not see God's Word as relevant to their daily lives, even their business lives?
#5132  The next time you sit on the white throne of humility (the porcelain one which is yours) consider how short life really is.
#5133  We should always be reminded that salvation is open to everyone, Yes, even Satan's own "children of disobedience" are welcome into the fold.
#5134   Money? Power? Ego?  What good will any of those be to you when your life is suddenly over and you die?