#7133 The American Wisdom Series

Jesus  Is this the man you're rejecting because you think He may ask you to stop doing something, you, in your current state of mind treasure too much to give up, while living here on earth for this short period of maybe 70 or 80 years in a animal type body? God chose to temporarily wipe from your memory those millions of years of your previous existence before He placed you back here on earth to live this flesh and blood life.  Were you one of the 1/3 (approx, 4 billion) of His originally created children who sided with Satan when he rebelled against God in that first earth age (the age of the dinosaurs) when God in His fierce anger destroyed that first earth age (as recorded in Genesis 1:2 and Jeremiah 4:23-26 and 2 Peter 3:5-8 and Psalms 104:5-9) ? Or were you one of the 2/3 of His children who remained loyal to Him?

(Note) katabolē
From G2598; a deposition, that is, founding; figuratively conception: - conceive, foundation.
Gr. Katabole, to cast or throw down (2 Cor.4:9; Rev.12:10) it should have been translated "overthrow" or casting down of the world" in v.35; 25:34; Lk.11:50; Jn.17:24;Eph.1:4; Heb.4:3;9:26;11:10;1 Pet.1:20; Rev.13:8;17:8. With the exception of Heb.11:10, katabole is used with kosmos, social world, and refers to the overthrow of the pre-Adamic world by the flood of Gen.1:2; 2 Pet.3:5-8;Ps.104:5-9; Jer.4:23-26 and the defeat of Lucifer and his earthly kingdom before Adam (Isa.14:12-14; Ezek.28:11-17; Lk.10:18). Katabole means the destruction or overthrow, or ruin of the social system before Adam 

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God then devised a way for you, if you are one of those who did follow Satan in that first earth age, to still salvage your soul, if you choose, by your own free will, to accept His offer of salvation by grace though faith in His son Jesus Christ, while you live here now in this flesh and blood body. 

God wiped your memory of that previous existence out because He wanted your head clear to make your decision during this earth age, with the knowledge you now have as to the permanency of death (the shadow of real death). The death of your friends and members of your own family, who you then loose all ability to communicate with, (with out yet having to experience what will be the real death of your soul); Whereby, if you chose to accept God's offer of salvation by faith in His son, you will then not have to die the second death (the death of your soul) after the "Great White Throne of Judgment", when Satan has already been sentenced to die.  

Are you prepared to give up your future eternal existence to cling to those treasured, bad things, you do and say? Jesus has even offered to help you, painlessly, overcome those sinful wants and desires if you will turn your heart over to him.

Luke 23:34 "Then said Jesus, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." ... He cries, as they drive the nails into His hands and feet, on the cross. This man is also God who came to earth to live with us for a short while. Sacrificing His life and shedding His perfect sinless blood as a covering for your sins. Then rising up again, from the dead; thereby, defeating death!

His/God's gift to us is free!  But you must ask for it to be applied to you!
Why are you rejecting Him? 

Since He is also God, He has the power to grant you ETERNAL LIFE!


Condemn you to ETERNAL DEATH!

What did Jesus, coming to earth in the flesh, accomplish for our eternal destiny?
Through Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, who came to earth, in the flesh and lived a perfect life while here, we can be forgiven of our sins, reconciled to God, and made ready for heaven!


But; you must believe, repent(confess your sins), and invite Him into your heart.