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II Thessalonians 3

Caution to students of God's Word - Please remember two things when using our studies: #1. Our commentary is not God's Word. It is only our interpretation or understanding of "His Word" and even though we try our best to be accurate we may or may not be correct. #2. The King James translation, or any other translation, of the original Hebrew text has some words which were given different translations at different places probably because of the interpreters preconceived ideas of what they think God meant to say. For example: According to the notes in the "Dake's Annotated Reference Bible" the Hebrew word hayah in the KJV is Trans. (became) 67 times, (becamest or came to pass) 505 times, (become) 66 times, and (come to pass) 131 times, but for some reason in Genesis 1:2 it is translated (was)! That sure changes the way a person perceives the original creation of the earth, doesn't it?  Gen. 1:2 And the earth was (became) without form, ... Having said that, let us continue with our "Key Knowledge" lessons. These are pamphlets containing knowledge, we believe, you must have to fully and accurately unlock and understand the Word of God.

John 15:26
But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:

John 16:13-14
Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you.

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Without the leading by the Holy Spirit, there is no understanding of the truths, for all the truth of the Scriptures are revealed to us by God's Spirit.

 Now here is our revised study of:

II Thessalonians 3

"Paul' s Requests, and Gives Divers Precepts."

II Thessalonians 3:1 "Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you:"

"In closing, I would like to say", is how Paul is ending his letter. Paul is asking the Church of the Thessalonians to remember them in prayer, that God's word would be spread.

II Thessalonians 3:2 "And that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men: for all men have not faith."

Faith comes by study and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is given by the Holy Spirit. It come to those with eyes to see and ears to hear with understanding what God would have for us in our lives. Others may claim to have faith, but without the love of God, and the Spirit of God in them, they can do many wicked things in their words and deeds.

II Thessalonians 3:3 "But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil [the evil one]."

The Lord is faithful, and will put you on a foundation in your spiritual life, that no man can shake you off of. As you grow in Christian maturity, that wall of protection the Lord puts around you grows stronger and stronger. The Holy Spirit will give you an indwelling common sense, that flows from Him, and with that common sense sealed in your mind He will guide and correct you in all matters. In Moffatt translation, he says; "keep you from the evil one".

II Thessalonians 3:4 "And we have confidence in the Lord touching you, that ye both do and will do the things we have commanded you."

Paul has confidence that once they start in the word, they will continue in their study of God's Word.

II Thessalonians 3:5 "And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ."

Your "heart" is an involuntary muscle that pumps blood throughout your body. However, this is talking about your mind; and as you stay in the word, the Lord will direct your mind, your thinking, and through this, your actions.

II Thessalonians 3:6 "Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly, and not after the tradition which he received of us."

Paul is demanding to those brethren in the church of Thessalonica, that when those people come around that will not stop doing their wicked and disorderly acts and words, that each of you withdraw from being around them, and especially taking part in their deeds. If you play around with wickedness, it is going to hurt you. Get away from it, and those doing those things.

II Thessalonians 3:7 "For yourselves know how ye ought to follow [imitate] us: for we behaved not ourselves disorderly among you;"

Paul, Silas and Timothy set the example for them, while they were teaching in their midst.

II Thessalonians 3:8 "Neither did we eat any man's bread for nought; but wrought with labour and travail night and day, that we might not be chargeable to any of you;"

We worked, Paul says, so you could not say we were lazy. Idleness is the playground for Satan's workshop, we are to set the goals and standards within our lives, and keep focused on those things of God.

II Thessalonians 3:9 "Not because we have not power [the right], but to make ourselves an ensample unto you to follow us."

Sure the apostles had the right to do many things that they did not do, in their eating habits, and the things and places that they went, only what they did do in their lives, was to set an example for others to follow. People watch you when you claim to be a Christian, and they expect you to live up to that standard, even though they have no understanding of being Christ-like themselves. When the pressures of the world is heavy, we are to withdraw from those that do wicked things.

II Thessalonians 3:10 "For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat."

We even stressed this to you, the importance of working, to take away laziness from your midst; and to show you how to conduct yourself.

II Thessalonians 3:11 "For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies."

There are always those who just cannot mind their own business [busybodies]. They like to talk and start trouble with everyone around them.

II Thessalonians 3:12 "Now them that are such we command and exhort by our Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietness they work, and eat their own bread."

Separate yourself from those busybodies, and just don't go around them. You eat your bread and let them eat their own bread in peace. Don't bother them but in quietness go your own way and separate yourself from them.

II Thessalonians 3:13 "But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing."

"Weary" as used here in the Greek text is "faint" [ekkakeo]. What you do, do with a firm commitment and set in the ways that you know to be right and according to God's Word. After you have committed yourself to a matter, find peace in it and stick to it.

II Thessalonians 3:14 "And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed."

Paul has given this Church a detailed letter how to conduct their lives and live in harmony. If someone so desires not to act in this Christian manner, stay away from him.

II Thessalonians 3:15 "Yet count him not as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother."

Correct your Christian brother [father, mother or sister] when he [she] strays; he is not an enemy, and the purpose of the correction is to bring him back in fellowship with God, and the congregation.

II Thessalonians 3:16 "Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means. The Lord be with you all."

II Thessalonians 3:17 "The salutation of Paul with mine own hand, which is the token in every epistle; so I write."

II Thessalonians 3:18 "The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. A'-men."

"And Amen."



To study the Bible is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.
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