D. Christians Have Been Mislead by the Churches, past and present.
Letter To The Readers of the 1611 King James Bible
What Does Your Church Teach?
The Rapture Theory
#8023      Church is not Christianity. God's Word is Christianity.
#1553      "Most Christians do not KNOW who their real enemies are today"
#1005   Most Christians believe Christ can return at any time; yet my Bible says He won't return until after these two things happen...
#5119    "Is the earth only 6,000 years old as many Christians have been led to believe by 'willingly ignorant' ministers and teachers of God's word?"
#7014    "Six Days Before The Passover" (John 12:1) This pamphlet shows Jesus was crucified Wednesday and rose on Saturday!
#7020     ...one shall be taken, and the other left.
#4010     Gathering the tares first disproves the rapture theory.
#4007     Christ is coming soon but not before Satan.
#1452   The day, of our gathering back to Christ, will not happen until AFTER Satan as the false-christ has reigned.
#1453   What happens to our bodies at the last trump?
#1578    We are now ready to weigh the scripture of scriptures upon which the entire Rapture theory hangs in the balance.
#1579    If you believe in the Rapture Theory, for the safety and concern of others, when you are traveling in "mixed" company, by all means let a non-believer drive.
#4138   Even after our physical death we are in heaven laboring to be accepted by Christ.

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