Wishing everyone a Merry Begettal Day

Let's talk about the dates we have learned in Luke's account in chapter 1.
The conception of John the Baptist......................... 23rd Sivan  = June 23-24
The birth of John the Baptist.................................... 7th Nisan = March 28-29
The Miraculous The Begetting of Jesus…….... 1st Tebeth  = December 25th
The Nativity The Birth of Jesus........................ 15th Tisri    = September 29th

Of course to arrive at these dates, you must know that the father of John the Baptist, Zacharias, departed for home after his temple ministration had been accomplished, i.e. completed. His course of Abijah would have ended at sunset on Friday June 19th. However, it was now a Sabbath day (Sivan 19) and so he would not have been able to travel, so he couldn't leave Jerusalem until Sunday June 20, therefore Elizabeth could not have conceived John the Baptist until after Zacharias walked home from Jerusalem.  So John the Baptist was conceived  on June 23-24. We are told Elizabeth was 6 months pregnant when Jesus was begotten in her womb by the Holy Spirit.

Six months after that could very likely take us to December 25. So Jesus was begotten by the Holy Spirit on December 25, the day we celebrate His Birth.

Here is the real "clincher" concerning pregnancy. It's 280days!  280 days from December 25th, the day "The Word became flesh" (John 1:14), brings us to September 29th, which JUST HAPPENS TO BE the First Day of the Feast of Tabernacles, the day "The Word dwelt among us" (John 1:14). Do you grasp the incredible significance and perfection of this? Jesus Christ began "tabernacling" (Gr. eskenosen) with man on the 15th of Ethanim, or September the 29th, the First Day of the Feast of Tabernacles. (The word "tabernacle" means "tent" or "temporary dwelling", which our flesh bodies are!)

Now you may ask, “Is it a bad thing to celebrate Christmas on December 25. I don’t think it is because LIFE REALLY BEGINS AT CONCEPTION.

That is why ABORTION IS MURDER! But that’s another subject concerning 60 million murdered pre-born little human beings here in America since Rowe V. Wade in 1972. I won’t start on that subject now. Just know that it's happening!