In the beginning, before the first earth age, God created all our souls. We were called the sons of God. Our souls did not come into existence the same time as the embryo of this earth age. Flesh man is recent, and only started six to ten thousand years ago, however, we lived in celestial bodies in the first earth age, which dates back well into the eons of time, when God placed us His children, the "sons of God", here. All of us in male bodies, for man and woman, male and female were only created to be able to reproduce ourselves, for this earth age of the flesh.

At the sounding of the seventh and last trumpet, there will be none of us in flesh and blood bodies ever again, but all souls will be changed back to their celestial [spiritual] bodies instantly.

God knew, during the first earth age, that many of us could not really appreciate the finality of death, even though we witnessed it in animals, so He devised a plan whereby we could be saved from the same fate as Lucifer, which is the eternal death of his soul, because he rebelled against God, and enticed 1/3 of us to join him, in his first earth age rebellion.(Rev 12:4)

God has temporarily wiped our memory clear of our previous existence in that first earth age. Now one by one, in our turn, over a period of time, during this second earth age, He is placing our souls into flesh and blood bodies to experience the death of our flesh body (referred to as the "Shadow of Death" in the Bible. Psalms 23:4; 44:19) so that we might, realize how final the death of our souls would be. Allowing us, if we have not already done so, to, by our own free will, choose to be faithful to Him. He created this new earth and human life ("the races or nations" as referred to in the Bible) and has each of us being born, of water (in the womb of flesh women), and existing here in flesh bodies similar to that of animals so we can gain appreciation of life and the finality of death by experiencing both, physical life and physical death while living here in flesh bodies, and our need to accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior.


Has the death of your flesh and blood body, i.e. the “Shadow of Death”  talked about in the 23rd Psalm taught you a lesson yet about how permanent THE DEATH OF YOUR SOUL WILL BE, FOR ALL OF ETERNITY, IF YOU REFUSE TO ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR PEROSNALSAVIOR? Visit and log unto “Some Biblical Facts About the Salvation of Your Soul.” To learn how you too can salvage your soul and live eternally in a new pain free celestial body with no suffering.