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The Book of Isaiah
Chapter 16

Are you spiritually and mentally prepared for the coming of the Assyrian upon the land? We know from our Father's Word, and even by observation for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, that most people, including the majority of our Christian brothers and sisters, are neither spiritually nor mentally prepared and thus shall be taken captive by the false messiah. Of course, the reason they are not ready for the spiritual warfare and the spiritual desolation brought about by the false messiah, of whom the Assyrian was a type, is because they do not have the seal of God in their foreheads... meaning they do not know the Word of God because they have not taken the time to study it or in many cases even read it!

If they had studied His Word, like the great book of Isaiah, they would know that the historical coming of the Assyrian was an ensample of the future coming of Satan who shall come at the sound of the 6th Trump when he and his angelic host are cast out of heaven to this earth as per Rev. 12:7-9. Remember we read about that coming of the Assyrian in chapter 14 where we also learned that his coming as the oppressor is all part of the plan of God, even as part of the chastisement He brings upon His people Israel. One thing is also for sure, and that is when the Assyrian, Satan himself, comes claiming to be God, he is going to take One-Worldism to new heights, to a new level where all the nations of the earth will either join in alliance with him or be taken captive by him.

That is also part of the wondrous plan of God, Yahveh's salvation, which is all encompassing because He loves all of His children of every race and of every language. Therefore, they are all included in His plan which was written of and declared long ago along with a warning or message to each nation. We are now reading those warnings and messages to the nations in this book titled, "The Salvation of Yahveh", (which you surely know by now is the translation of the name "Isaiah").

To that end, the first nation to be warned of its burden or trouble is Moab, whose name means "of the father" or "of the mother's father". We documented that the Moabites are of the family of Adam and mother Eve in that they are kin to Abraham, though they are not of Jacob, meaning they are not of the House of Israel nor are they of the House of Judah. How then shall Moab be saved? Well, remember when we finished learning about the coming of the Assyrian in chapter 14, the question was asked... "What shall one then answer the messengers of the nation or of any nation!

The answer lies in that last verse of chapter 14 that we discussed in the opening of our study of chapter 15. It is actually the proclamation to the nations of the earth to be heralded by God's elect at the time of their delivering up, which is that Jesus Christ has established Zion and He is soon coming to sit upon His throne and execute judgment and justice throughout the whole earth! In fact, we will read exactly that in this study of the 16th chapter. The point is, that unless a nation looks to true Zion it will simply cease being a nation. Moab is receiving that warning right here in the 15th & 16th chapters of Isaiah... and that's not all! He will also get another warning when God's elect are delivered up and that proclamation of the "gospel of the kingdom" (Mat. 24, Mark 13) goes forth to the nations, which is the good news that the King of kings is soon coming to sit upon His throne and the cities and nations are all going to come crashing down if they continue to pay homage to the false rock and continue to commit fornication with the harlot.

You "see", there is a false Zion being set up right now by the false stones of the temple, those who call themselves Jews, as in descendents of Judah, and who go around claiming themselves to be God's chosen people. BUT, they are NOT of Judah, the kingship line, nor are they even of House of Israel. They are liars and are of the synagogue of Satan. They are of their father who is the "I want to be exalted and be the king of kings", Satan himself. So don't ever accuse us of speaking out against our brother Judah who has been infiltrated by the sons of Cain, the bad figs. However, we do and will continue to speak out against LIARS and hypocrites who claim to be something they are not.

By the way, the churches of Philadelphia and Smyrna in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 know and teach who those liars are and they are the only two churches Christ finds no fault with. Is the term "liars" too strong a word for you? Then perhaps the words of Christ are too strong for you, for that is exactly what He calls them in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9. So if your Church doesn't know and teach who the lying sons of Cain are, in that they are the offspring of the serpent and the enemies of the children of God (Gen. 3:15), then you are in a church that has some major problems and who in their ignorance probably support a bunch of murdering liars.

Anyway, the fact is and the warning to the messengers of the nations such as Moab is, that "The Lord has founded (established) Zion and the poor of His people shall trust in it (Isa. 14:32)". In other words, if you want to have eternal life, if you want be among His people who humbly love the truth and bow only to the true Messiah, then you must put your trust in Zion, in the true King of kings and His kingdom, the kingdom of God. You see, His throne is already established, and though He has "gone up", ascended to sit at the right hand of the Father, He is soon coming to sit upon His earthly throne as King of kings and Lord of lords! Do you know where the throne of David resides on this earth this very day? You should!

Now, let's return to the burden of Moab, a people who are proud and haughty, not poor (or humble) in spirit before the Lord, but who rather have a form of worship and believe in false gods and false religion, which shall ultimately cause their downfall. Then shall there be much weeping and wailing and consternation when they discover their gods were not gods at all and that their "rock" was not the true Rock of salvation! Remember from chapter 15, the Moabites have "gone up" to their high places, to "Bajith" which is to the house of false gods, and though they pray and pray, their god cannot help them... because their god is no God! There is only one God, my friend, and He is the creator of the universe, the great "I AM that I AM", Yahveh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob... the God of Israel!

However, there is one who claims to be God who is soon coming to this earth to exalt himself and establish a throne in Zion! He is the false rock, an imposter, Satan himself, and the whole world with the exception of those who have the seal of God in their foreheads, which is the knowledge and wisdom of their Father's Word, is going to be deceived by him. How about you? Do you know the difference between the two pools of water we discussed in earlier? Do you know difference between the two trees, the two messiahs, the two Christs, i.e. the true Christ and the anti-(instead of)-Christ?

Keep in mind that Moab's problems all stem from his pridefulness and haughtiness and from the fact that even after being warned, he refuses to look to the true Zion and trust in God as he continues to the "bitter end" to follow the wrong path and trust in the traditions of men and men's religion. Well, perhaps after he has lost everything and has hit rock bottom, which is the pits, he will come to know that "The LORD is God and there is none other"!

Let us now see what desperate measures Moab takes to save himself instead of looking to the true Zion.

Isaiah 16:1
Send ye the lamb to the ruler of the land from Sela to the wilderness, unto the mount of the daughter of Zion.
A "lamb sent" is a gift or better yet an offering that Moab sends to the king of Judah in order to secure an alliance of protection! Now as we said before, there is a false Zion being established upon the mount at this time, a Zionist movement, an attempt to establish a One World System and prepare the way for the false rock, the rock that is not our Rock, to come sit in the temple of God... as God. Do you have eyes to see and ears to hear? Have you noticed how many of our Christian brothers and sisters are also aligning themselves with those who claim to be "God's chosen people"! They shall reap what they sow and unless they flee to the true mount and make their alliance with the Lord, they are also in for a great day of weeping and wailing!

The word "Sela" in this verse means "rock", as in a lofty rock. Some scholars believe it is the same as Petra in Mount Seir of Edom, but let's read this verse from the Septuagint. "Is not the mount of the daughter of Sion a desolate rock?" The answer is, "It sure is at this present time". Furthermore, this is the place where the "desolator", the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet shall come and stand... a desolate rock indeed. As it is written in the Song of Moses in Deut. 32, their rock is not our Rock! Our Rock is the "Stone cut out without hands (Daniel 2:45)" who shall come and smash the stones now setting up the false temple.

You see, old Moab is going to align himself with the false messiah, that false rock established first upon the mount at the sound of the 6th Trump. In fact, that is why he shall not be overthrown by Satan as per Daniel 11:41... because he has already sent a lamb and aligned himself with the false-christ's camp. Do you want to know where that will lead him? The answer is in the next verse.

[2] For it shall be, that, as a wandering bird cast out of the nest, so the daughters of Moab shall be at the fords of Arnon.
"Arnon" means a roaring or raging river and a "ford" is a place of crossing over. The children of Moab are going to be like a bunch of homeless (nestless) helpless little birds gathered at the ford and unable to fly or cross over to the other side. And how fitting, for many Christians are also going to be at a loss and confused when they discover that there is no flying-away (rapture) at the ford. You "see", we are to understand this historical type that we are given in a spiritual and religious sense in these last days, knowing that the great tribulation and time of trouble in these last days is spiritual warfare and not the bloodshed of a World War III. That is why we are admonished to put on the whole gospel armor and be ready to take a stand against the fiery darts of the wicked one (Eph. 6), even the false messiah himself when he comes claiming to be God.
[3] Take counsel, execute judgment; make thy shadow as the night in the midst of the noonday; hide the outcasts; bewray not him that wandereth.
This is what Moab does in his confusion rather than "trusting in Zion that the LORD has founded". He turns to that false rock, to the ruler of Sela, the king of Judah to whom he sent the peace offering, and asks him for counsel... to tell him what is the right thing to do! Go ahead Moab; Ask the false rock to be your shadow of protection in the heat of the day when things get hot, and to give refuge to your bunch of outcasts. Ask him not to bewray, to uncover and expose those who wander, those who wave to and fro ("nadab" in Hebrew).

Seek all the counsel in the false messiah and refuge in the "city" that you can, Moab! But be it known unto you that the King of kings is soon coming to destroy that false Zion in whom you have made your alliance and sent your lambs, and He shall (pulverize) all the stones of that temple to where there shall not be left one stone standing upon another. That is what Jesus told His disciples would happen when He returns: Luke 21:6 "As for these things which ye behold, the days will come, in the which there shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down."

[4] Let mine outcasts dwell with thee, Moab; be thou a covert to them from the face of the spoiler: for the extortioner is at an end, the spoiler ceaseth, the oppressors are consumed out of the land.
When the spoiler, Satan, the oppressor of the people, has been DETHRONED and consumed out of the land at the sound of the 7th Trump, then Jesus Christ as the righteous King and judge of all the earth shall sit on the throne that rightfully belongs to Him and He shall separate the sheep from the goats and judge in righteousness. And He shall give unto all men and every nation their just recompense according to their deeds, whether it be reward or punishment. Then shall all the nations, including you, oh Moab, come to know that there is only one God and it is not that false rock upon whom you relied. Then you shall know that it is the lion of Judah of the house of David who has come to sit on His throne and roar out of Zion! And as it is written, He shall cause a GREAT SHAKEUP in both the heavens and the earth! You will find it documented in the great book titled, "Yahveh is God", which is what the name Jo-El means in Hebrew.
Joel 3:16-17
The LORD also shall roar out of Zion, and utter his voice from Jerusalem; and the heavens and the earth shall shake: but the LORD will be the hope of his people, and the strength of the children of Israel.

[17] So shall ye know that I am the LORD your God dwelling in Zion, my holy mountain: then shall Jerusalem be holy, and there shall no strangers pass through her any more.

Jesus Christ is going to cleanse the temple and destroy that false rock in Zion and consume the oppressors out of the land. THEN shall Jerusalem be holy for the abomination of desolation, that desolator spoken of by Daniel the prophet, shall have been ousted and the strangers, the kenites, will not be permitted to "pass through her anymore"! This is the plan and purpose of our heavenly Father who is merciful indeed, which means He is loving and completely fair and just to all His children of all nations!
Isaiah 16:5
And in mercy shall the throne be established: and He shall sit upon it in truth in the tabernacle of David, judging, and seeking judgment, and hasting righteousness.
Again, this is the message to the nations... that the LORD has established Zion (Isa. 14:32). This is the substance of that proclamation to all the nations Christ spoke of in Matthew 24 and Mark 13, of the "gospel of the kingdom", which is the good news of "thy kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven"! And do you know what else? God's elect who keep His Word shall sit on thrones with the King of kings (Rev. 3:21) as kings and priests and they shall rule with Him during the time of the Millennium. Rev. 5:10 "And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth." And they shall teach His people the difference between the holy and the profane, the difference between the true Rock and the false rock, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean. And in controversy they shall also stand in judgment and shall judge according to the Word of Righteousness.
Ezekiel 44:23-24
And they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean.

[24] And in controversy they shall stand in judgment; and they shall judge it according to my judgments: and they shall keep my laws and my statutes in all mine assemblies; and they shall hallow my sabbaths.

God's elect, His "Zadok", His just ones, shall "diligently keep", as in hold fast, to righteousness... which is what the phrase "hasting righteousness" in Isaiah 16:5 means!
Isaiah 16:6
We have heard of the pride of Moab; he is very proud: even of his haughtiness, and his pride, and his wrath: but his lies shall not be so.
Moab won't be very proud and haughty when he has lost everything and is left with only shame and despair because he refused to look to the true Zion, will he? This is also what shall befall all those who follow after man's religions and forsake the LORD by refusing to come to know Him through His Word. Again, only those who have the "seal of God" in their foreheads (Rev. 9:4) will not be spiritually taken captive by the Assyrian when he comes upon the land. They are those who trust in the true Zion that the LORD has established and do not put their trust in the "great city", the false Zion, and look to its flimsy earthen "wall" for their protection. The others, such as Moab, are all going to left to howl and weep and wail from the confusion (babel) with which they are stricken.
[7] Therefore shall Moab howl for Moab, every one shall howl: for the foundations of Kir-hareseth shall ye mourn; surely they are stricken.
Kir-hareseth means the "fortress of earthenware (Strong's)" or the "wall of potsherds (BDB)". Every one, all of Moab, shall howl who has sent a lamb to the ruler of Sela, as in paid tribute to the false messiah, instead of trusting in the LORD God who has established Zion! Again, with the exception of a very small remnant (vs. 14) Moab is going to lose everything and be left only with weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.
[8] For the fields of Heshbon languish, and the vine of Sibmah: the lords of the heathen have broken down the principal plants thereof, they are come even unto Jazer, they wandered through the wilderness: her branches are stretched out, they are gone over the sea.
Remember the name Heshbon means "stronghold" whereas Sibmah means "fragrance". Also, the word Jahaz means "helpful" and the phrase "the principal plants" means "the grapevines". Now put that all together with the understanding that the word "lords" in "lords of the heathen" is "the plural of Majesty for 'great lord of the nations', a title claimed by the kings of Assyria (see note in the Companion Bible)", and you will understand that it is the Assyrian, the desolator, Satan in these last days, the one to whom Moab has (spiritually) paid tribute, that has caused him to become desolate. Remember that is the great lesson to be remembered by those who walk past that fallen one who is cast in the bottomless pit during the Millennium (Isa. 14) as they say "Is this the man that... did shake nations?" YES, this is the man to whom you paid tribute Moab!!! Again, despair and desolation is what shall befall the nations, the sea of people in Rev. 13:1, who trust in false gods and all those who follow after the religious traditions of man, even the traditional religion of churchianity which is a "shadow religion" disguised as Christianity.
[9] Therefore I will bewail with the weeping of Jazer the vine of Sibmah: I will water thee with my tears, O Heshbon, and Elealeh: for the shouting for thy summer fruits and for thy harvest is fallen.
Yes, it is a sad state of affairs when Moab, the "children of the father", plant the wrong vines and end up with no harvest at the end of summer. You "see", those vines of Sibmah (fragrance) look so good and smell so sweet, but they produce "wild grapes", those poison berries we read of in chapter 5. Only the true Vine, Jesus Christ the Word of God, can produce good fruit and wine for the harvest! Let's read again from Jeremiah's account.
Jeremiah 48:32-33
O vine of Sibmah, I will weep for thee with the weeping of Jazer: thy plants are gone over the sea, they reach even to the sea of Jazer: the spoiler is fallen upon thy summer fruits and upon thy vintage.

[33] And joy and gladness is taken from the plentiful field, and from the land of Moab; and I have caused wine to fail from the winepresses: none shall tread with shouting; their shouting shall be no shouting.

When Jesus Christ, who is our joy and gladness, is taken from the field and the spoiler is permitted to enter in... the result is that there will be no harvest or wine! You reap what you sow! Therefore be careful to stay attached to the true Vine. John 15:1 "I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman."
Isaiah 6:10
And gladness is taken away, and joy out of the plentiful field; and in the vineyards there shall be no singing, neither shall there be shouting: the treaders shall tread out no wine in their presses; I have made their vintage shouting to cease.
Again, they planted the wrong vine and thus they bore no fruit. So what good are they? John 15:2 "Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit."
[11] Wherefore my bowels shall sound like an harp for Moab, and mine inward parts for Kir-haresh.
This is an expression of how the execution of "tough love" hurts our Father. It is a real heartache for Him to see His children of Moab so desolated and left in the wilderness to weep and wail. But remember, God warned them what would happen to them if they put their trust in false religion and continued to "go up" to their high places and worship false gods. Here is that warning once again.
[12] And it shall come to pass, when it is seen that Moab is weary on the high place, that he shall come to his sanctuary to pray; but he shall not prevail.
Moab and all those who pay tribute to the false messiah are going to have to learn the hard way by losing everything! The good news is that the King of kings shall come at the sound of the 7th Trump and the abomination of desolation, the one who "made the world as a wilderness [desolate place], and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners (Isaiah 14:17)", shall be removed and there shall be no more tribute paid nor incense (prayers) made to go up to false gods! In that day there will simply be NO MORE high places of idolatrous worship to "go up to" because the LORD has established Zion (Isa. 14:32) and the nations shall "go up" there! It is written and so shall it be.
Micah 4:1
But in the last days it shall come to pass, that the mountain of the house of the LORD shall be established in the top of the mountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills; and people shall flow unto it.

[2] And many nations shall come, and say, Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, and to the house of the God of Jacob; and He will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in His paths: for the law shall go forth of Zion, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

Again, this is the message to Moab and to all the nations of the world... the good news of the coming of the King of kings, which is the "gospel of the kingdom (the king and His dominion)" that shall be proclaimed throughout all the world, unto all nations, when that abominable desolator comes claiming to be Messiah and God's elect are delivered up. Matthew 24:14 "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." What a time in which we live... for it is during the generation of the Baby Boomers, the generation of the fig tree, that all these things shall come to pass! Matthew 24:32-34 "Now learn a parable of the fig tree...This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled."
Isaiah 16:13
This is the word that the LORD hath spoken concerning Moab since that time.
There you have it, the spoken warning has been given to Moab from the Voice of God! And along with that warning is a choice... to be wise and take heed or to remain foolish and ignore the warning! But know this one thing, that we are late in the season and the desolation is nigh at hand!
[14] But now the LORD hath spoken, saying, Within three years, as the years of an hireling, and the glory of Moab shall be contemned, with all that great multitude; and the remnant shall be very small and feeble.
"Very small and feeble" means "truly very small"! You "see", the "great multitude" of the people shall fall in the "great falling away", which is the great apostasy in these last days when the Assyrian comes upon the land to make it spiritually desolate. That is because there are very few who even now heed the "word that the LORD has spoken"!

So in conclusion, know that just like clock work, three years following God's prophetic warning, Moab was defeated and shortly thereafter the 10 tribes of Israel were taken into captivity. What does that ensample mean for us in "these last days upon whom the ends of the world (age) are come (1 Cor. 10:11)?" First, it should serve to build the foundation upon which we stand (Heb. 11:1) and increase our faith in knowing that God's Word is always true and accurate. Secondly, because we know that it is an ensample then so too are the three years prophetic of a future fulfillment of Moab's burden in these last days. Those who are familiar with the prophecies of Daniel's 70th week know that those three years pertain to the end of that week. Again, we are in the season of that final generation when "all these things" shall come to pass... and the last grains of sand in the :final hour" glass are soon to run out.

You "see", ALL people and all nations will soon come to know that the Word of God is true and that Yahveh, the great "I AM that I AM", the God of Israel, is the LORD God and there is none other. The truly wise in this final generation will come to know Him and flee to His holy mountain and trust in His Zion before it is too late. As for the rest... there will be a lot of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Which will it be for you?

To study the Bible is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.
We pray that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you accomplish both.

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