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Christina Stoner's


    The debate on whether or not to "harvest" stem cells from already
 "created" human embryos has lead us to the debate on producing human
embryos by cloning and growing these human embryos  to provide embryonic
 cells or parts for use by other living people.
    The devaluation of human life began insidiously through birth
 control, especially that which allowed fertilization or the beginning of
 a new life to occur, but prevented implantation (the IUD, the "pill")
 Abortion then followed as the "back up" for the destruction of unwanted,
 but already conceived, human life. As time went on and human life became
 more expendable;  abortions skyrocketed to over a million and a half a
 year in the United States alone.  In the name of "medical science", the
 devaluation of human life continues. The next step, euthanasia, is  now
 legal in Oregon.  It has come as one more "choice" - that will kill.
 Eventually the killing will involve no choice at all - as the innocent,
 voiceless unborn child is now killed by abortion.  Euthanasia will be
 legally and automatically performed for
 certain medical conditions labelled "terminal" (i.e. certain cancers and
 stages of cancer, final stages of other diseases) to free up hospital
 beds already in need.
    Human life has become property.  It is expendable and its value is
 subject to change.  Legally,  unborn human life  has less  protection
 than the egg of a bald eagle.
    What are a few more embryos, used and discarded by the
 scientific/medical community, when  embryos and fetuses have been killed
 by the millions for decades?  In the future, if any human life is found
 to be less than "perfect" or unwanted for any reason at any stage of
 life, that life will be a candidate for legal destruction.  If this
 seems unreal to you, take a look at how far down the "slippery slope"
 we've descended - and  the depths to which we will continue to descend
 by playing God.   Abortion, scientifically creating and killing human
 embryos and euthanasia are clearly acts against humanity - physically,
 morally and spiritually.
     Sincerely, Christina Stoner, R.N.

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