TheAmerican Wisdom Series

Pamphlet #514
Life's Beginnings

By: Christina Stoner

There can be no doubt that when a human egg and a human sperm unite,
a new human life begins...whether in a petri dish or in the womb.

One scientifically "created" or naturally conceived life
should have no less value than another.

We all began the same way... if not in the same place.

When in vitro fertilization came along,
it was a given that science would find a use
for "leftover" human beings scientifically created in a petri-dish.

The value of human life has been under siege for decades
and we have long ago descended down
the "slippery slope" that was predicted.

Unethical professionals have long ago begun to play God.

Not one of us will feel of value or protected by law
as long as any human life be killed for another's gain...
whether it be to end an "unwanted" pregnancy or treat a disease.

The end will never justify the means.

Christina writes from Dillsburg, Pennsylvania

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