The "American Wisdom Series"


Pamphlet #417

"Abortion Horrors"
By: Bryan Kleeman

Thirty years of legalized abortion is a horror.

Abortion is murder!

Some people will try make you believe
that legalized abortion is about the constitutional right of the women
to exercise control over her own body and the "right" to choose.

A women has a right to choose to have sex.

A women has a right to choose not to use a birth control method
that is not 100 percent effective.
That is called gambling, which is also legal and a woman's right.

It takes a male and a female to create a new life.

Each has the right to make their choices.

If, after a couple exercises their rights to choose,
they find they have created a new life,
they must recognize this life's rights to---
"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

 Abortion is not a constitutional issue.

Abortion is a moral issue.

 An issue of right and wrong.

The taking of an innocent life cannot be right.

Abortion should never have become a legal option.

A newly created life has the right to keep that life, without exception!

It's time to end legalized abortion.

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