The"American Wisdom Series"

Pamphlet #409

We are Sacrificing Our Young, to the god of Choice

By: John Rhine

A wise and just God presides over the destiny of nations.
When a nation sins, it often time receives corrective punishment, as God sees fit.
The Bible contains many examples of nations, some times mighty and powerful nations,
being brought down by the Hand of God.  It is no different in modern times.
Germany is a recent example.  The holocaust was a terrible and sinful thing.
Germany, under Hitler, murdered 13,000,000 Jews, Gypsies and anti-Nazis during World War II.
God punished them by dividing their country in two, and for fifty years East Germany lived under Communist rule:
their freedoms nonexistent.

The punishment is much more severe if the nation is closely aligned with God.
The history of Israel is a perfect example of a country being blessed while they walked with God
and much more severely punished, then other nations, when they turned their back on Him.

America was founded as a Christian nation.
There is no question, God had a clear hand in America's development,
from God's instruction to the Apostle Paul to take the Gospel west,
to the invention of movable type and getting the Bible into the hands of the common man,
to the spread of the Gospel across Europe, to the first European settlers arriving on North American shores in the 1600's
- to the war for independence in the late 1700's; we see a long series of miracles occurring,
to make what happened, happen...
Since the time of Samuel the prophet in 1120 B. C. until the founding of this nation
the pagan idea of man and government had dominated the world scene.
Our Declaration of Independence and our United States Constitution clearly proclaim,
ours, to be a Christian nation, the first and only truly Christian nation in the history of the world...
We have been blessed!  We are the work of God, the nation builder.

We Christians have forgotten the covenant of our fathers and the God in our history.
The fact is, in the history of the human race, America is the first country to recognize man's inalienable rights,
because of her covenant with God. In the 1900's we lost our way, we abandon our Biblical roots for pluralism,
slowly at first and much more distinctly in the last half of the twentieth century; we have turned our back on God.
We have lost all, or will soon lose all the attending benefits of Christian civilization such as law,
absolute moral standards, a limited government, a sound economy, and any vintage of liberty that we still maintain.
I believe there is a direct link between abortion and gun control; let me explain.

We are Guilty of Sacrificing 60,000,000 babies to the god of Choice;
and the one true God, the God of our Founding Fathers, is Angry.
He is allowing our freedoms to be eroded. Our property rights are all but gone, the government, now,
really owns our property if we don't pay the amount of property tax they decide we owe them each year.
The right to keep all our earnings is gone, slowly at first, but today,
Federal, State and Local government take forty percent of our earnings;
they set the ever increasing percentage. We can't use our property as we choose
without first getting permission from multiple zoning boards.
Ours is turning into a police state; Kent State, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Little Havana (Elian),
Elizabethtown (FBI drill), public schools strip examinations of teen age girls without parental permission,
unannounced and unwarranted raids of private homes (in the name of the war on drugs)
and many, many more government initiated happenings; some disastrous, others only frightening.

As a final corrective punishment... God's wakeup call, so to speak,
we are about to lose our most cherished freedom; our Right to Keep and Bear Arms..
20,000 gun laws already on the books - registration is next, then confiscation.
look to history for guidance concerning this matter... In the history of the world,
weapons registration has always been followed by confiscation, then oppression.
Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms is the only inalienable right,
recognized by our Founding Fathers after the American revolution,
that gives us citizens, the means to protect other rights from further government abuse;
this right is being taken away and many of us don't seem to care.
Once it's gone, we will become slaves and no nation on earth will come to our rescue.
 You see, without a free America, all other nations will again revert back to the tyranny of the past,
their citizens becoming slaves and surfs to a ruling secular elite,
just as they were prior to the American Revolution ... We will also!

Fellow citizens, heed God's warning... Turn our nation, once again,
back to its original Christian path; it's not too late.
Our nation will prosper or decline in direct proportion to our selection of leaders
who are guided by the Holy Spirit.
If we fail to select Godly leaders our destiny will surely be as that of the Roman Empire.

Will any of you censure me as an innovator for my beliefs? I care not!
The truth has never been popular, especially in this age,
where people feed on fantasy and run from reality.
Since the truth is often painful, we must possess courage in order to face reality.
We must be willing to know the entire truth. Whatever anguish of spirit it may cost.
Problems do not pass away, they must be solved. Crisis do not calm themselves,
they must be conquered. We must face the cruel reality that if we are not willing to change
what is happening in our country, today, at the ballot box;
we will sooner or later, need to face it, with armed resistance;
or complete tyranny will follow.
Present abortion policy and our brewing trouble over
defending our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms
will one day explode into full scale civil war! We must be prepared; munitions must be stored...
I go on the supposition that our current national structure is near an end.
I pray for God's help and guidance.

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