The American Wisdom Series

Pamphlet 405

"When Life Begins"

"The question of whether abortion is the termination of a human life
is a relatively simple one...
The male sperm and the female egg each contains twenty-three chromosomes.

Upon fertilization, a single cell results containing forty-six chromosomes,
which is what all humans have, including, of course, the mother and father.

But the new organism's forty-six chromosomes
are in a different combination from those of either parent;
the new organism is unique.

It is not an organ of the mother's body but a different individual.

This cell produces specifically human proteins and enzymes from the beginning.
Its chromosomes will heavily influence its destiny until the day of its death,
whether that death is at the age of ninety or one second after conception....."

Modern Liberalism and American Decline" by Robert H. Bork)

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