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''Roe No More''

There may be a few people out there who still believe that Roe versus Wade
is a description of alternative ways to cross the Potomac,
but not very many.
Is there a legal case which is more recognizable than this one?
Not likely.
Most adults would recognize it as the one in which
the Supreme Court struck down state laws regulating abortion.
It must surely be the most famous Supreme Court case ever.

But who is the real person behind this pseudonymous Ms. Roe,
the plaintiff who was the instigator of this most controversial social upheaval?
Very few know the answer to that question,
but her real name is Norma McCorvey,
and now that she has dropped her mask of anonymity she has quite a story to tell.

In a ''Dear Friend'' letter the former Jane Roe says,
''I owe you an apology.''

Twenty-eight years after she triggered the legal action
which today is still the kernel of fiery controversy,
she expresses her intense remorse.

She admits she lied to us.

She said she had been gang raped,
and that wasn't true.

She said she didn't know who the father of her baby was,
and that wasn't true either.

It was all ''a nasty, bald-faced lie,
'' she now says.

''Signing my name on that affidavit to sue the State of Texas
was the single biggest mistake of my life.''

But now Norma McCorvey, a.k.a. Jane Roe,
wants to make amends.

She never intended to help millions of mothers kill their babies,
yet she feels that ''41 million babies died because of me.''

So she has dropped the camouflage of her court name
and has jumped into the public arena to tell her story,
cleanse her conscience, and fight against the evil of abortion.

The legal aspect of abortion is far from settled.
It is certainly another case of the Supreme Court arbitrarily enforcing its own will,
of creating a radically new law rather than interpreting the existing law.

In his dissent,
Chief Justice William Rehnquist appended a footnote
that occupied almost a whole page
listing all the state laws that regulated abortion
and had theretofore been constitutional,
but now were being swept away by the Court
because somehow
they had overnight been infected with unconstitutionality.

Norma McCorvey has started her own pro-life group called
''Roe No more,''
has been on national television,
and has spoken to many college groups.

She is out
''to tell America the barbaric truth about abortion.''

She is not
''afraid to say abortion is murder,''
and not afraid
''to tell the deep dark
secrets of the radical abortion lobby.''

Here is a traveler who has heard a voice from a burning bush.
And now Jane, become Norma,
is preaching with the evangelical fervor of the converted.

She will make a good preacher.

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