American Wisdom Series 

Pamphlet #401


Roe versus Wade was the most divisive and contentious Supreme Court decision since Dred Scott a century ago. In the Dred Scott decision the court ruled that blacks could be denied full classification as human beings worthy of constitutional protection.Roe versus Wade declares the rights of the unborn are null and void.Both are drastically wrong decisions based on our United States Constitution.



We can now photograph inside the womb, the actual moment of conception. Pro-choice people ask us to ignore what we see with our own eyes. They ask us to believe, instead,  what they tell us.



Abortion was supposed to free women from the "burdens" of their gender.  Women get pregnant.  Men don't. The Theory Goes That in order for women to feel as fully free as men, women must be allowed to become "unpregnant" if they wish,  for whatever reason.  In arguing such a base women are reclassifying themselves into something less than men.  Something less than human, because they are sacrificing their unique biological and psychological roles as mothers on the alter of convenience.  All this based on a lie that they,  will be better off without the burden of an "unwanted" child. What are the statistics of suppressed guilt?  Suicide attempts,  deep depression,  and profound guilt after they come to grips with what they have done.  We don't know how serious this problem is. This knowledge is kept from us.



Abortion hasn't corrupted us. We have abortion because we have allowed ourselves to become corrupted.



Abortion is the ultimate act of selfishness. Which says, "I want to have sex whenever I wish outside or inside of marriage. If I happen to get pregnant and don't want to be,

I will play God

and Kill my Child."

Abortion is something that cannot be done by a moral person.

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