The"American Wisdom Series"
   Pamphlet #210

By: A Pennsylvanian

"The Sad Facts
About Previous Million Mom Marches"

If I am black and my ancestors were forcefully brought here as slaves,

I don't want this to happen again, to my grandchildren!

The Million Mom Marches of the 16th and 17th century ended here.

If you are a member  of a minority race
don't let them register your guns.

If I'm a member of a religious minority and my ancestors survived the Holocaust

I don't want this to happen again, to my grandchildren!

The Million Mom Marches of the 20th century ended here.

If you are a member of a minority religion
don't let them register your guns.


You think it can't happen here?

Janet Reno rips the Bill of Rights to shreds.

The Freedom of Our Grandchildren
Depends on You

There is still time to save our freedom

There is still time to do it at the ballot box
You Must Vote Now!

For too long
we have allowed the elite
to run  our government

They already know who owns the handguns!
Once they have a record
of who owns the long guns
our fate is sealed.

You had better register to vote!

You better help us change "Politics as Usual"

Register and vote only for people who swear
to reverse present gun laws
and protect our rights and freedoms.

Many freedoms have already disappeared
in your lifetime.

You are responsible for preserving freedom
for your grandchildren

Only the armed citizen can prevent this
from happening again!

On this earth, only you and me,
with our guns, can protect:
Our Right to Life
Our Freedom of worship
Our Property rights

In the pictures you've just seen,
did you notice who has the guns!

Armed people remain free!

Unarmed people end up in chains

or in the ditch!

If you have dropped out of the system!
If you think your vote don't count!

Your vote does count.
If every gun owner in America goes to the polls
and votes for the one issue that matters most,
we will utterly destroy every voting block that is dead set against us.
This is a country with 70 million gun owners and 96 million voters,
you do the math!
If gun owners just vote to keep their guns,
no politician will ever have the nerve to utter the code words for a totalitarian society
"gun control"

Every gun owner in America includes you!

We should exercise
the awesome power of the single-issue voter.
The next election may be your last chance.

We can win.
We can win big.
Then and only then,
will Americans start to regain pride in their country
- a nation bought and paid for with the blood of men with guns
and the courage of their convictions.
Then, and only then,
will our guns,
our freedom and our Constitution survive.

Register to Vote Today!
Only Vote for Candidates Who
Will Preserve and Protect
Our Constitution

We can't afford to vote simply along party lines.

If the Second Amendment is weakened and falls,
the entire Bill of Rights,
which is supported by the Right to Keep and Bear Arms,
will go in a matter of time.

The Gun used in the Elian raid was a MP5 submachine gun.

Reno said, "There was information that it might be possible that there were guns in the home."

I ask?, What about the tens of millions of American families that exercise their
Second Amendment rights ... and most surely have guns in the house?

extramorel, extralegal, extraconstitutional, excursions into the territory of tyranny.

Licensing is just registration by another name.
Once government has the names, addresses, photos and ownership inventories
of every gun owner in America,
we all know what comes next.
Once liberty is transformed into license,
that license can be revoked.

They say, "No one wants to take away your hunting gun." don't believe them.
That's what they said in England and Australia,
while hundreds of thousands of ordinary
handguns, rifles and shotguns were rounded up and melted down.

Are we half free or half slave?

When England started to strangle their freedom, our Founding Fathers rebelled.

We are again being threatened by strangulation of our freedom.

If the people who have dropped out of the system
or never gotten into it
don't register to vote and stop this encroachment at the ballot box,
I call for revolt.

We hold this truth to be self evident;

Man has a mandate from God to defend his well being with the sword if necessary
and any government of man
which never did, or no longer does, honor the means of that defense,
is evil, and must be changed, whether by election or revolt.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.
This country has become a monstrosity unrecognizable in its mutation
     from the intentions of our Founding Fathers.
Our governments have become oppressive tyrants
who have inexorably trampled our rights.
We must fight back before it is too late.
Before our sacred heritage of liberty becomes a forgotten memory,
and we all become slaves.
     Time has almost run out.
But not quite.
Only a little remains,
to be sure.
Thank God we still have our guns.
They are coming to take them away,
but for the moment,
we've still got 'em.
     When the guns are gone,
when they have been confiscated and steam-rolled
like those of Australia and England,
we will be powerless.
     And then it will be too late.

Armenia, Cambodia, Rowanda, Laos, East Timor, Kosovo, Vietnam, Yugaslavia, Bosnia, Hercegovina
American Indians

"... He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one." Luke 22:36
He_that_hath_no_sword.gif (67173 bytes)

Did you know that the first gun control laws
passed in this country were designed to keep slaves
from protecting themselves?
After all, you don't chain, lash or sell a person who has the power to prevent it.
     After the Civil War,
more laws were enacted to keep
the newly- "emancipated" from owning guns.

And with the wave of non-Anglo immigrations
which took place thereafter,
a host of additional gun control laws were passed.

Have things really changed in modern multi-cultural America?

Why is it that the strictest laws
preventing people from having the means to defend themselves
are targeted at those communities where minority populations are greatest?

     The shameful history of gun control
is one of institutionalized subjugation and exploitation
of the powerless by the elite.

If we are truly a free nation,
shouldn't we end
such barbaric and racist practices once and for all?

You - - - Must Register to Vote, Today

“...Are we grown-ups or are we children?

If we are grown-ups,
then we have the capacity to control our will
even in the face of passion
and to be responsible in the exercise of our natural rights.

If we are children,
   then all the dangerous toys must be controlled by the government.

But this solution implies that we can trust the government
with a monopoly on guns,
even though we cannot trust ourselves with them.

This is not a “solution” that I trust.”

   Source: Educating An Armed Citizenry by Ambassador Alan Keys, Guns
   & Ammo Magazine March 2000




Two types of people believe in gun control.

Tyrants,who would take your liberty!
Fools,who don't value their liberty!

********** Vote **********

This is a country with 70 million gun owners and 96 million voters,
you do the math!

Don't say, "My vote won't make a difference!

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