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What a masterpiece the great Book of Revelation,
the Book of the Uncovering, the Book of the Unveiling.

Let's pause and reflect for a moment and review some of that which is revealed to us.

In chapter one we learn that John was taken, in spirit, to the Lord's Day,
which is yet future from now(2013),
and shown "visually" many marvelous and wondrous truths,
to provide us in these last days with concrete PICTURES
of the way it is and the way it is going to be.

We learn that the graphics and symbols used in the descriptions
are easily understood because they are either defined right in the Book Revelation itself,
or we have read of them before in the Incredible Edible Book (the Bible).

For instance, we now know that the Sword of the Lord
is symbolic of the Word of God,

that stars are symbolic of angels, i.e. sons of God,

that horses and horns are symbolic of power,

and that snakes(Satan, himself), scorpions(fallen angels, loyal to Satan), locusts(Kenites/descendants of Cain who was born to Eve after being impregnated by Satan in the garden), etc. are all symbolic of our enemies.

In chapters 2 and 3 we saw Christ address the 7 Churches present at the time of the end.

He admonished all but two of them,
for He found no fault with Smyrna and Philadelphia,
who both taught concerning those who claim to be of Judah(Jews),
but are liars and of the synagogue of Satan himself.

John was then taken to heaven in chapter 4
and he gave us a simply incredible description of the glory of Him who sat on the throne,
the throne itself with the four guards (zoon),
and the room where a great assembly was gathered to witness
the unsealing of His Word so that the wise of this generation,
spoken of by the angel to Daniel to the prophet (Dan. 12:10),
would be able to understand all that Christ foretold us,
for He foretold us all things (Mat. 13:23).
We saw gathered at that great assembly the 24 Elders, i.e. the 12 Patriarchs and 12 Apostles,
all those who have lived and died in Christ including our loved ones who have passed away,
and all those who were slain for the Word of God, i.e. martyred.

The Lamb of God then unsealed the Scroll
giving us in Picture Format the signs of the end time
even as that same Lamb outlined them in Matthew 24 and Mark 13.

To fully understand these seals is to have the seal of God in your forehead
whereby the scorpions and locusts cannot harm you.

Then, having been given the complete intelligence report with all the necessary signs to look for,
with all the enemy's methods of operation disclosed,
the amount of briefing of the saints which must take place before the final battle,
and what to do and say if and when captured by enemy and brought to trial,
John is then shown the 7 Angels with the 7 Trumps sound their trumpets.

The Trumpets are sounded in order announcing the events
that are to transpire and describing the details using symbolic,
understandable, graphic imagery.

The last three trumps are called
"Woe to the inhabiters of the earth Trumps"
and culminate with the appearance of the two Messiahs.
The first Messiah, the false one(Satan),
appears at the 6th Trump and the true Messiah,
(Jesus Christ) returns at the 7th Trump.

John then saw the very Temple of God opened in heaven
and therein was the Ark of the Covenant.

And there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake,
and great hail, all of which we understood.

When we study chapter 12 of Book of the Unveiling
we find that and John is going to SEE in PICTURE format
the very plan of God,
from the first earth age even to the third (last) earth age, all in one chapter.

He will first see two contrasting "wonders" in heaven,
one in verse 1
and the second in verse 3.

 The first four verses of this chapter pertain to the
"world that then was" (2 Pet. 3),
and not to this present earth age.

The Book of the Uncovering, the Book of the Unveiling.  

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