The American Wisdom Series

Pamphlet #1024
"The Rapture Theory"
by Vic Pinard
a believer in Jesus, the Messiah, the Lord and Savior,
the King of kings and Lord of Lords.

He is coming soon.

We are not going anywhere.

There is no leaving the earth to be with Him in the Clouds.
"Clouds" is a figure of speech which means many souls.

He is coming back with all of the departed,
saved and unsaved,
to meet all of us here on Earth.

When He touches his foot down on the Mount of Olives,
all of the humans left on Earth will be changed,
"in the twinkling of an eye",
into new spiritual beings,
with power to assume human form.

The capability is not new.
It will be just like the angels who left their assigned estate
and changed into human form and had children with the daughters of Adam,
 without God's permission, before Noah's flood.

As you know, these Angels are now secured in chains in the lowest depths of Hades,
a place called Tartaroo.
They will be released when Satan,
that old deceiver,
returns to Earth to take command and declare himself as the Messiah, the Christ.

All of us here on Earth will be in our flesh bodies when that happens.

This is the scene of the unforgivable sin,
when believers in Jesus,
accept Satan as Messiah,
and do not allow the Holy Spirit to speak through them
when questioned by the Evil One, Satan.

So many of us are deceived by our leaders
(Pastors, preachers, Sunday school teachers, etc.)

No one knows they are deceived until someone tells them the truth
as found in the Word of God, properly divided and researched.

The Word of God can only be found in the original manuscripts,
which we no longer have;
therefore, we must use what has been left to us by our Father God, the Bible.

Because most of us only speak English,
we must use any of the best English translation available which is the KJV, NKJV, NASB, and a few others.
These translations are not sufficient in themselves to reveal the truth.

The truth must be revealed through study and by the Holy Spirit
using the meanings found in the Greek, Chaldee, and Hebrew languages,
which can be found in the Dr. Strong's Concordance
and other language dictionaries of the three languages in question.

This requires a lot of study and work.
That is why "The Sheep"
our brothers and sisters are so ignorant of the truth.
They listen to their leaders in the churches,
who are also ignorant of the truth,
and fail to validate what they say by studying the Bible.
How Sad!

In any case,
When Jesus returns, all things will be made known.
The Elect will teach the non believers
and they will have to live by all the commands of our Father God,
in order to be saved.

The way you will be able to tell if Jesus is back on Earth
is to "prick yourself with a pin" and, if you bleed, Jesus is not back.

In that case, you must be looking at the great deceiver,
the Evil One, the antichrist.

So be careful about the Traditions of Men
and the errors being preached from so many pulpits.

Remove the blinders of tradition
and what you believe is the truth
by what you have been told
and discover "Truth"  for yourself.

In His Service,

Vic Pinard
Hummelstown, PA

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