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Pamphlet #1023

If Conventional Biblical Teaching
Doesn't Fit or Make Sense to You,
"Consider This"

Did you ever read your Bible,
shake your head,
and think to yourself,
based on what I've been taught in church,
many of the things I read
just don't seem to fit or make sense?

lay aside conventional church teaching
and consider what you are about to read.

You will be amazed.

Based on the following,
all of a sudden,
everything you read in the Word of God
will become clear.
It fits!
It makes sense!

I purposely didn't include bible verses
to backup what you are about to read.

The reason being,

I want you to search God's Word.
Let the Holy Spirit be your guide,
and every time you run across a Bible verse that backs what I write,
you will say to your self,
"why did I not learn this in my church?"

From that day forward
you will never forget the truths the Holy Spirit leads you to,
and you will be a better Christian for it.

***** In the world that then was *****

What you are about to read
may be new to you.

If so,
try to be open minded and absorb that which has been hidden,
the mysteries,
from before the foundation of this world.

Before the earth ever was,
while as yet He had not made the earth,
nor the fields,
nor the highest part of the dust of the world,
wisdom alone was with our Father,
and He was alone,
which is to say,
He was lonely.

So He created,
brought forth,
His children,
the souls of the sons of God,
and gave to each of them "free will".

Note: He wanted so much to have children who He would love and would love Him in return; But, wasn't it risky to create us with free will? What if we did not return His love? Yes it was, but He had a plan for that possibility. Read on! )

It is at that time,
you and I came into existence,
long before this flesh age, millions, even billions of years,
before He placed you and me in that embryo in our mother's wombs in this 2nd earth age.

***** In the world that then was (continued) *****

He then, later, created this beautiful earth, (the 1st earth age)
to be inhabited,
and the "stars" of heaven,
we, His sons, the angels, you and me,
shouted for joy.

And so we did inhabit this perfect earth,
our beautiful home,
until one, one of our brothers, a arch angel named Lucifer began to take charge
and usurp the authority of our Father, God.

He was so successful in his conniving ways
that he drew one third of, us, God's children (our brothers)
away from God.

Our Father gave this one,
Lucifer, now called Satan,
every opportunity to repent and change his ways,
but he would not.

An ensuing conflict followed and some of God's children
stood against this 'dragon' and were loyal and faithful to God.

judgment was passed and Lucifer (Satan ) was sentenced to die,
to perish, TO BE NO MORE.

That sentence to be carried out after the Millennium, after God uses Lucifer/Satan two more times to test mankind; once near the end of this 2nd earth age when God allows him to come to earth 5 months prior to the return of the real Jesus Christ, claiming he is God, to try to get proclaiming Christians to follow and worship him, and again at the end of the Millennium to test all, as yet, unsaved mankind to see if they now after 1000 years of discipline and discernment classes have learned to tell the difference between Jesus Christ and Satan, and want to follow Christ, not Satan.

And so it is,
he is called the son of perdition,
the son who will perish, the death of his soul.

***** In the world that then was (continued) *****

Our Father, in His love for His children,
delayed the judgment of the rest of us, his children.

He instituted a plan of reconciliation,
of salvation,
to bring back those who had followed Satan
as well as the majority of us who just didn't care one way or the other.

He declared long ago,
that plan of salvation is written in the "heavens which are now"
and contained within the pure zodiac,
including the virgin birth
and the man Child who would be brought forth as Savior.

But as with all of God's works,
especially His word,
man has succeeded in perverting,
and hiding, the truth,
to point at which it becomes a mystery.

So we come to Gen 1:2 where God overthrew Satan
and destroyed the "world that then was",
the 1st earth age to which the fossils and the remains of dinosaurs belong.

He literally knocked this planet off of its true axis
and out of its perfect orbit,
whereby it became completely,
and utterly, void and desolate.

We, the sons of God were not in our flesh bodies at that time
and we returned to heaven at the overthrow of Satan,
the "katabole" in Greek.

***** In the world that now is *****

He then re-made the earth, to again be livable
and brought forth the "flesh" man (The Hebrew word translated man here 'adham, = mankind)
and his mate the "womb man", i.e. men and women (the races)
created in the likeness and image of God and we, the angels.

In other words,
we look like ourselves in the flesh.

Prior to this earth age,
the only death we had ever seen was the death of animals.

The flesh man of this 2nd earth age
is God's method of teaching us the consequences of sin.
Allowing us to realize the consequences of following Satan,
giving us an opportunity to save our souls,
if not now,
then, during the millennium,
when we will have first hand knowledge of both worlds.

Flesh man was then instructed to go forth and replenish (fill) the earth,
not plenish it,
for it had been populated before, by us, in that 1st earth age.

Except we lived in our celestial (spirit) bodies in the first earth age;not these,  (flesh and blood) animal bodies we are now living in.

***** In the world that now is (continued) *****

It was decreed for all of God's children to pass through this 2nd earth age,
born of woman,
born innocent, i.e.
"it is given unto all men to die once",
in the flesh of course.

You see,
when we are born in the flesh in this 2nd earth age,
we retain no knowledge of the events that occurred
in the "world that then was".

That is what born innocent means.
Our minds are blank.
We are free to chose whether to follow God or Satan,
based on new knowledge aquired during the flesh and blood experience.

Of course some of us already chose to follow God
in the "world that then was"
and stood against Satan.

Therefore God chose them (predetermined, predestined them),
having justified them,
to be used by Him as the remnant and His elect,
down through the allotted time of history,
to bring about His plan to salvage the souls of as many of His children as possible.

Do you now see how Paul's statement in Ephesians 1:4 makes so much sense,
when he says,
"we (God's elect) where chosen before the foundation of this world,
that we should be holy and blameless before Him in love?"
It remains a "mystery" to the world.
(Some of us were chosen in the first earth age because we remaind faithful to God during Satan's rebellion) 

Paul, himself was a good example of this; he was chosen to perform the tasks he accomplished in this present earth age, by God in the first earth age

***** In the world that now is (continued) *****

God then, after He had created the "ethos" 'adham
the races, male and female, the nations, on the sixth day as recorded in Genesis chapter 1; then rested on the seventh day. (No, not because He was tired, but He wanted to give mankind (the races, including the white race time (1000 years) to repopulate the earth, prior to His forming of Adam and Eve, as recorded in Genesis chapter 2.

On the eighth day He formed Adam (The Hebrew word translated man here is
'eth-ha adham = a individual man and his help meet, Eve )
to be the "tillers of the ground",
to prepare and make ready for the Savior of the world.
For it would be through their offspring,
the children of Adam and Eve,
that Jesus Christ, God Himself, would be born into a flesh and blood body just like ours, to a descendant of Adam and Eve, of pure pedigree. For the purpose of sacrificing His flesh and blood life on the cross. Shedding His sin free blood to cover the sins of all mankind. All of us who believe in His Son, Jesus, repent of our sins and by our own free will invite His Holy Spirit to cleanse it/us from our sinning ways.

***** In the world that now is (continued) *****

Satan knew that.

So what did he do?

He immediately tried to thwart God's plan.

He seduced mother Eve, in the "Garden of Eden"!
Not into eating an apple (the word apple is not, found in the Book of Genesis)
but into bringing forth his seed,
Cain, Satan's son, trying to contaminate the pedigree of this new line before it got started.

That is why you will not find Cain in Adam's genealogy
in chapter 5 of Genesis.

He has his own in chapter 4.


He was not Adam's son!

***** In the world that now is (continued) *****

It is a mystery?
What happened in the fig grove, in the "Garden of Eden"
has been hidden  for a long time.

In fact, it's interesting that the very word "fig",
according to Webster's dictionary,
also means "hidden",
the expression being "it is a fig".

But remember the Parable of the Tares in Matthew 13?
Jesus Christ explained
how the "children of disobedience",

Satan's children, the sons of Cain (Kenites),
the tares,
came about.

Live Link to=> "The Parable of the Tares"

His explanation of the parable, in Matthew 13:37-39, IS NOT a parable.
The parable was given earlier.
The explanation is the simple truth.

Matthew 13:37-39
He answered and said unto them,
He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man ('eth-ha adham");

[38] The field is the world;
the good seed are the children of the kingdom;
but the tares are the children of the wicked one (Satan);

[39] The enemy that sowed them is the devil (Satan);
the harvest is the end of the world;
and the reapers are the angels.

***** In the world that now is (continued) *****

It remains a "mystery" to the world.

After Cain,
the first murderer,
killed Abel,
God raised up Seth to continue Adam's progeny.

Then as Adam's family, of pure pedigree grew,
Satan had his loyal followers,
the wicked sons of God,
leave their "first habitation",
and come directly to earth,
without being born of woman,
in a attempt
to make the Adam and Eve pedigree impure.

That violated God's decree
and thus they sealed their eternal destruction.
These sons of God took to wife the daughters of Adam ('eth-ha adham")
and that union produced the "gibor", giants.

When only Noah and his family
were left undefiled by these sons of God,
i.e. had maintained a pure pedigree.
Our Father brought about the flood of Noah
to rid the earth of these menacing creatures.

Noah's flood was not world wide.
The signs of flood that we see in other parts of the world
are from Lucifer's flood
at the end of the world of old. (the 1st earth age)

there was yet another influx of fallen angels
following Noah's flood.
Those later giants awaited the children of Israel
in the promised land.

Remember when the spies of Joshua came back and reported giants?

who was 13 feet tall,
was one of the last of these giants that we read of in the Bible.
(Evidence that giants once roamed the earth are plentiful if you care to research.
Start with Easter Island and the shores of Bashan.)

***** In the world that now is (continued) *****

Throughout the Old Testament
we read of Satan's attempts to thwart God's plan,
his attempts at Abraham and Sarah,
Judah and his troubles, etc., etc., etc.,
until finally Satan brings about the crucifixion of Christ,
the bruising of His heel, as prophesied in Genesis 3:15.

(Some of us are saved in this earth age, by claiming the blood of Christ (God, Himself, in the flesh, who would live sin free, then shed His sin free blood to wash away our unfaithfulness, if we will only repent of our sins and invite His Holy Spirit to live in our heart and cleanse it from all unrighteousness.)
We will be part of the first resurrection,
receive eternal life,
and become Christ's training assistants during His millennial reign,
teaching righteousness to our brothers and sisters.

***** In the world that now is (continued) *****

We are now about to enter into a new era,
the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ and His saints.

But before we do,
we will witness the entering in,
a grand entrance to be sure,
of the false messiah,

Satan himself,
who will bring about his one world political (and religious) system. (The "New World Order" that we read so much about in this 21st century.)

  As Paul taught in 2 Thes 2,
he, Satan, the false Christ, will stand in temple of God claiming to be Christ returned
and effectively convincing the entire world by performing wonders and miracles in the sight of men.

Accompanying him will be his angels,
those sons of God in Gen. 6 that we just discussed.

It is written and declared by Jesus Himself...
"as it was in the days of Noah,
so shall it be before His return...
they will be eating and drinking,
and giving and taking in marriage".
Now you know who.

***** In the world that now is (continued) *****

There is so much more.
We have but briefly covered some of the "mysteries" which Paul taught.
But contained therein are the answers
to so many questions that mainstream Christianity struggles with.

For instance,
how is it that God could have hated (loved less by comparison)
Esau and loved Jacob while they were yet in their mother's womb?

(Anyone with children will tell you that new born babies have different personalities
"right out of the gate".
But of course!)

How is it that God named Jeremiah and others before they were born?

How is it that Paul could say we were chosen before the "katabole"? (destruction of the 1st earth age)

***** In the world that will be *****

It is so simple.
Our Father knew us from before, long ago.

We are His children.
We were with Him before we came to dwell (tabernacle)
for a short time in this flesh body.

It will die and decay and we will RETURN to the Father (be reborn into our celestial/spiritual bodies),
unless of course we are still alive in the flesh at the second coming of Christ.

Then we will be changed instantly,
in a moment,
in the twinkling of an eye,
into our celestial/spiritual bodies.

Remember Paul said in 1 Cor. 15,
"behold I show you a mystery,
we shall not all sleep").

***** In the world that will be (continued) *****

And so it is easy to see how Paul becomes very humbled
because of the grace and the greatness of the revelation of the plan of God
(now no longer a mystery)

We will all spend the Millennium,
reborn in spiritual bodies, after
having experienced life in flesh bodies,
separated from God; but we will now be fully aware that Satan's ways are evil and will not work.

Some of us, those of us who have already accepted Christ as our savior and have studied and learned to tell the difference between what is holy (Jesus Christ) and what is profane (Satan) and did not worship Satan when he came to this 2nd earth age, claiming he was God, took part in "The First Resurrection" and were awarded "ETERNAL LIFE" at Christ's return.

While Satan is locked in the pit for one thousand years,
we all,
even the ones of us who went through this 2nd earth age
without coming to know the Lord,
will learn to appreciate what Christ has done for us.

At the end of the one thousand years,
when Satan is released for a little while,
they will all be tested again.

(In addition to those of us who have already been awarded 'ETERNAL LIFE" Some will be saved during the millennium after passing that final test)

Many will now know the deference between what is holy (Jesus) and what is profane (Satan) and will have remained faithful to the Lord choosing Jesus over Satan. 
And will be awarded eternal life at "The great White Throne of Judgment".
(This is the Second Resurrection).

But if we again give in to Satan's evil temptations we,
just like Satan who has already been sentenced,
will perish. AND BE NO MORE!

We will be consumed from within,
and be no more,
for God is a consuming fire!

That, my fellow Christians,  is a long drawn out process; but, the only way God can be assured of spending eternity with His children, who beyond a shadow of doubt, by their own free will, choose to live sin free and be loyal to Him.    

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