"American Wisdom Series"
pamphlet #1012

"The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"

Revelation 6:1-8

We at the "American Wisdom Series"

In your opinion,
which branch of the
"New World Order"
is most evil?


The Four Hidden Dynasties of the New World Order?
(The First Beast of Revelation)

 The Rider on the White Horse of Religion?
(including so-called Christianity, i.e. churchianity) 
with most of our church leaders, following his command,
leading us to worship the green god (money),
rather than teaching us the true "Word of  God"
line by line directly from the Bible?
Revelation 6:1-2


 The Rider on the Red Horse of Politics?
(governments, both elected and dictators of the world)
with most of our elected officials, following his command,
leading us toward world socialism
which has already been proved a failure,
taking away our God given rights at ever increasing speed?
Revelation 6:3-4-


The Rider on the Black Horse of Economics?
(the central banks and markets of the world)

Corporate executives and bankers, following his command,
 playing on our fallen nature and desire for materialism,
leading us to believe that economic well being
is more important than salvation?
Revelation 6:5-6


The Rider on the Pale Horse of Education?
(schools, news media, TV, Hollywood movies, etc.)

College, High School, and Elementary School,
directors and instructors, along with our news and entertainment media following his command,
teaching us tolerance for immorality and
leading us away from our creator, God?
Revelation 6:7-8

Yes, Satan is riding all Four Horses? 
From his place in heaven, 
Spiritually, leading them to do what they do!

Are you worshiping the beast?
Do you have the Mark of the Beast in your forehead?
Do you have the Mark of the Beast in your right hand.
Revelation 13:1-18

We pray you are not and do not.

Because, after loosing his battle in heaven 
against Michael and his angels

Michael casts Satan and his angels into the earth,
where we Christians will have to deal with him.

Satan (The Second Beast of Revelation) will come to earth,
to take over personal leadership of
"The New World Order",
not only in spirit;
But in person, claiming he is God

Are You Prepared to Handle That?
Will You also be Deceived and

Revelation 12:7-17

Most pro-claiming Christians, who attend a church with a ONE VERSE REV. MANNING THE PULPIT
having not studied their Bible, will not be able to tell the difference between what in profane (Satan) and what is holy (the real Jesus) and will Worship Satan as their God

We pray that you have the Lord's Word,
the seal of the living God,  
in your forehead.

The Good News is, Christ has shortened Satan's Stay, (which happens at the Sixth Trump) here on Earth, Prior to Christ's Return (which happens at the Seventh Trump) to Five Months
. Will You Endure
Until the End

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