The American Wisdom Series 

Pamphlet #10001

We the citizens
of the Christian Nations of the world, and especially here in America, where God has given us a voice in our government, have

  Boiling Frog Syndrome! 


Most of our churches are being managed and run by Kenites,

 i.e. descendants of Satan's son Cain

and his wife or wives from God's sixth day of creation.

They are building "Mystery Babylon"

Live Link to- Mystery Babylon       

Did you ever try to boil a frog?

You can't throw him in hot water!

He'll jump right back out!

To boil a frog you must first place him

in cool comfortable water.

He will stay in the kettle.

Then, turn the heat up slowly;

being cold blooded

he will remain comfortable,

staying in the water

even though it is getting hotter.

Without even knowing he's in trouble;

you guessed it!

Boiled Frog!

That's what has happened to, and is happening to us, right now!

Over the years the Kenites, through their four hidden dynasties of the "New World Order"  

Our education system, i.e. schools and news media, 

our governmentour economy,  and yes, our churches,

have lead us as you would boil a frog!

Slowly to a state of confusion, where we will believe Satan really is Christ when he appears here on earth, in person, claiming to be God!

Notice to citizens of this Christian nation, the USA, that God has given to us, expecting we would preserve and protect it!

"The Water is getting Hot"

Our government is slowly taking away our freedoms (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness).

Our schools and news media are slowly taking away our knowledge of our creator. 

Our churches have slowly started teaching less and less from the Bible, instead substituting their man made traditions, church quarterlies, and such, and most are not teaching us how to tell the difference between Satan and Jesus Christ.

Our economic systems, since 1913, when our leaders blindly handed the control of our currency over to the Kenites (Think Jekyll Island) who have slowly been eroding our currency, our buying power.

Do you have Boiling Frog Syndrome?

You bet, People with "Boiling Frog Syndrome"

are all those:

 Who blindly follow church doctrines as now being taught in most churches.

Who blindly support our credit system of economics.

Who blindly continue to send our children into a public education that has declared God to be the enemy.

Yes, we are blindly following the Kenites who are have set up this "New World Order"
"Mystery Babylon"

"We the People"

Are not cold blooded biologically

but, we sure are mentally.

We don't even realize that this country

God so generously provided for our Christian forefathers,

our Christian founding fathers fought for,

won and organized under God's guiding hand,

is slowly slipping from our grasp.

For the past 100 years we have been

sliding down the slippery slope to serfdom or slavery.

At the current rate of decent

 in 30 years or less the whole system will collapse.

Then Satan (the Second Beast of Revelation) will come galloping in and save the day!


Of course he will claim he was able to do it because he is God.

Most Christians and all non-Christians will believe him!

Then when the seventh trump sounds and the real Christ arrives, those who believed him and worshiped him, as God, will be in big, big, trouble!

We Christians  don't even appreciate what God has given us, Many of us don't even go to the polls at election time.

I've heard Christians say, God will take care of it.

God did that when,

But we are blindly allowing it to slip away!

God must be shaking His head in disgust at our lack of care, in protecting our gift from Him!

We must stop the slide down

this slippery slope 

while we still can.

Changing our churches to make the teaching of the Bible, book by book, chapter by chapter , and verse by verse, a top priority.

By going to the polls and electing candidates who will,

 put the Bible back into our schools and court houses.

"We the People" 

Citizens of  the Christian nations of the world, i.e. "The former House of Israel"

We should know better

We had better jump out of the water

"stop supporting any church that does not teach the Bible, book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, rightly dividing the "Word of Truth" 

Before we're Boiled

And therefore,  never to receive the knowledge of the free gift of Salvation as given to us by our Lord.

"Change the Burners; Put Out the Fire"

Join Bible teaching churches, but not just in name only.

Churches who believe in and teach the difference

      between what is holy (Jesus)

and what is profane (Satan)    

If we continue to support the church systems as they have been and are being set up by Satan's children, the Kenites; and don't start going to the polls, in mass, to support candidates who are not only pro-life but pro-Jesus/God. 

I fear for our eternal future.

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