Here be Dragons

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In the Bible God uses animals and insects like bears, lions, locusts, and scorpions; which we recognize and know the particular habits and practices of, as examples to convey to our mind’s eye and therefore, allow us clearly to understand the extreme severity and permanency of results; that certain spiritual things and/or events will lead to!


But, God came into our “Flesh and Blood” 2nd world age, in the person of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, TO SAVE YOU FROM THEM!

This is Satan’s NEW WORLD ORDER!

This is the 1st Beast of Revelation chapter 13

The New World Order as devised by Satan, through his grandchildren, the Kenites, is implemented by the United Nations in this 21st century. And to our demise “WE (the United States, along with the Kenites among us) help them do it!” EVEN PAY FOR IT, WITH BORROWED MONEY! While we are already $21,000,000,000 dollars in debt. Yes Twenty one Trillion Dollars in debt!  President Trump wants to change that; but as long as the house is controlled by TAX and Spend democrats (think the impeachment attempt fiasco), spending on everything except protecting our borders, fighting him all the way. We’ll never reduce the debt, especially if the democrat party succeeds in defeating him in 2020! Visit Live Link to> and log unto and read “Who really runs the United States Economy?” Yes, it’s controlled by the Kenites who lend to us, with interest of course, for their worthless paper money coming off a printing press without any gold or silver backing. The legal tender line on the dollar bill at one time, prior to this century, said redeemable in silver!

Speaking of dragons; You "see", it is during the period of the 5th Trump, when the bottomless pit is opened (Rev. 9:2) and those pillars and vapours of "smoke" from that pit ascend into the atmosphere of society which grows ever darker as that locust nation of the kenites, the sons of Cain, using the power of the Four Hidden Dynasties, bring forth the 1st Beast of Rev. 13, which is the political beast, i.e. the New World Order. Have you watched the evening news lately? Then you know what I’m saying! This is done in preparation for the arrival of the 2nd Beast of Rev. 13 (The Religious Beast) which is Satan, Apollyon, the chief dragon, who will claim he is God, along with his angelic locust army, disguised as his preachers, who all come at the sound of the 6th Trump to reign for 5 months prior to the return of the real Jesus Christ!

Will you worship Satan as your God?                           Or, do you by studying your Bible; have the seal of God in your mind?