Jesus was made lower than the angels (angels, that’s us, while still in our celestial bodies, awaiting our turn to be born in the flesh, to experience life and all of its pitfalls created by following Satan’s ways, and therefore see our need for Jesus' saving grace)(Hebrews2:9-18). Even though Jesus was the creator of all our souls. He became a human flesh and blood being just like us, and died, the shadow death (death of His flesh and blood life),even though He himself is  immortal. He suffered for us, even though He’s the all-powerful God. Why would He do this? So that He could help us go through temptations and bring reconciliation between us and God.vv.17-18

What must you do to receive this eternal life, in a new celestial body that never gets sick or grows old? There is nothing for you to do except believe Jesus is God, repent of your sins and invite Him to enter your heart to make it righteous also. Here on this web site log unto “Some Biblical Facts About the Salvation of Your Soul” You will find it in the upper right-hand corner of our web site.