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  of Your Soul.
Why! How! When!

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Do you think most of our  21st century so-called Christian church leaders are any different then the  chief priests who stirred up the people to cry out, "Crucify him! of Jesus, to Pilate? Think again!
You would never know it by the way they don't follow His command to teach the Bible verse by verse, and correctly divide it!

Message to you folks who have read and/or regularly read The American Wisdom Series. If the Holy Spirit is telling you that you should be helping to plant seeds of truth in people's minds in order to further our Lord's Kingdom, but you feel He has not yet given you the necessary talent to do so, on your own; And if you believe the message presented here on my American Wisdom Series web site is correct and true, and will plant seeds, as our Lord wants us to plant them, in order to further His Kingdom, And Since I am now 78 years old and don't plan on being around in this animal body forever; But, I would like to keep the message presented here available for people to see and learn from even after I'm gone, I am encouraging people, who want to help plant seeds of truth in people's minds, to pay the American Wisdom Series web hosting costs, even after I've gone home to be with the Lord.

If you choose to do so, as of the year 2018 the cost per year is $178.52, and payment is due to ChristianWebHost in August of each year.  Send a check directly to
ChristianWebHost Web Hosting, 15019 Madeira Way #8789
Madeira Beach, FL 33708

for $178.52, along with a note to apply it for site service and domain name. This will cover cost for one year which includes the "americanwisdomseries" ($35.00) domain name renewal and "Christianwebhost" ($143.52) web hosting service fee. Please don't allow the service to discontinue. You can send them a check at any time and they will credit it to the account. If you wish you can call them ahead of time to let them know your check is being sent at 1-877-819-0004. It would be good if you all kept this site up and running even after I've gone home to be with the Lord.    

May the Lord bless you and the Holy Spirit be your Guide!

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A good home

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 Just tell it like it is!

Why I Believe the Bible.
In the Old Testament alone there are over two thousand incredibly specific and detailed predictive prophecies that have already been fulfilled.
Not just a few guesses. In nearly all cases they came to pass hundreds of years after the death of the prophet
 Why, then, Would I not Believe!

Natural Religion versus God's Plan
Back in the very beginning,natural religion was introduced upon the human scene as an effort to circumvent God's Plan. Natural religion, however, is not always a crude invention of early man. Today it is the full time effort of many intellectuals to circumvent God's plan. Some of them are professors of religion in our universities and seminarys; others are leaders in our churches, many of them trained in those same seminarys.
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The apostle Paul  told the Galatians that we receive the Spirit of Jesus (salvation) as a gift. He (Jesus) will come into your heart and HE will change you. so what makes us think that today we can earn salvation by doing good deeds. If the grace of God is a gift, why do you now think you must earn it, or work to keep it?  No wonder in Galatians 5:12 when talking about the Jews insisting that even Christians must be circumcised, Paul says to the Galatians,  "I would they were even cut off who trouble you." Wow1 That would take away their manhood! - Ouch!!!!

How did the Authors of the Bible know things 3000 years ago that science has only discovered in the past several centuries?

May the Lord bless you and the Holy Spirit be your Guide!