#7173 The Angels in Heaven are us

Note: When reading in our http://www.americanwisdomseries.com studies, that point to the angels in heaven, please remember that the angels in heaven are us. (Revelation 19:10 and 22:9) Yes, we/they are the "Host of Heaven" (God's originally created children still in our celestial/angelic bodies, which we lived in all through our stay in the 1st earth age, patiently, now waiting our turn to be born in the flesh to enter this 2nd earth age). Summer school, I call it, that God has formed on this rebuilt earth; the same which He Himself destroyed after 1/3 of us joined Lucifer/Satan in that 1st  earth age rebellion and overthrow attempt).

I say summer school because God is placing us back here on this rebuilt earth in animal(terrestrial) bodies, this time, to experience life and death with Satan in control, to learn why Satan's ways don't and never will work. All one has to do is read today’s newspapers or listen to the nightly news to know this is true; And if you honestly critique your life you know all about the sins you have committed yourself.

So, add your sins to everyone else’s sins, and you can see Satan’s ways in action, as to how they don’t work. It proves to us why we need to repent and ask God for forgiveness in Jesus’ name so we can start all over in the 3rd earth age as forgiven sinners, in new celestial bodies, that never age or get sick, with all evil (Satan and his loyal angels, and their ways) having been removed from the world!

Living without sin. Just as we were created to live it by our own free will, way back when; Millions of years ago God first created our souls. Back in the days of the dinosaurs, when we didn't have to work 5 or 6 days per week to feed our families. Every one of our needs, supplied by God. Life in a celestial body, just as Jesus demonstrated in John 20:26.                     WHAT A LIFE! 

Jesus, Come quickly! I don't want to wait any longer. I've learned my lesson!