Why are we being placed back on earth, one at a time,
in our turn, during this second earth age,

THIS TIME, in flesh and blood (animal) bodies?

 You need to know!  Your Eternal Life Depends on it

Welcome to the spiritual and human adventure
God has planned for us.

The adventure God has told us all about in the Bible, but there are a few things you must know and understand before that world opens up for you to see in the most easy to understand language from "The Word of God". Your Bible

Once you learn how it all began and where we came from before being placed here in these animal bodies, the Bible suddenly is easy to understand with all the pieces fitting together.


* Why are you here?

* How did you get here?

* Where did you come from?

* What happens to you when you die? 

 I repeat: Why are we being placed back on earth, one at a time,
in our turn,
during this second earth age,


in flesh and blood (animal) bodies?


For the answers

Keep reading below, and learn things the Bible tells us about God's plan for our eternal destiny, that most preachers, teachers, and leaders in the churches of our land never learned themselves or aren't comfortable telling us about,

for reasons I won’t get into here.

 It really is fun to read and learn all about God’s plan to salvage each of our souls!

 The connection between the spiritual and the physical is so easy to understand! 

But, you have to know a few things
that are not normally taught in our churches.

The answers lie beyond the veil which separates the flesh dimension from the spiritual dimension. And flesh man, without the help of God, cannot step into that spiritual dimension and retrieve the answers. So just as man  will never be able to place "love" or an "attitude" under a microscope and see either one, he cannot answer these spiritual questions by any physical means available to him "under the sun", apart from God, though he keeps on trying.

 God made His creation the way He made it with great purpose, so that we can understand the INVISIBLE things from the CREATION of the world, even His power and Godhead, even His marvelous Plan and the answer to our four questions. If you understand the depth of this verse, Romans 1:20, you then know that we can actually SEE in "Physical type" that which is Spiritual, beyond the veil. The physical type then becomes a second witness that documents the Word of God and vice versa.

There is a REASON WHY a human being begins his or her flesh experience from an act of love whereby an egg is begotten by a seed, which forms an embryo that attaches to the mother's womb, and is then incubated for 40 weeks in a water world of its own, until it is born into the world as a newborn baby, completely helpless and unable to care for itself, totally dependent on its mother and father to care for it and sustain its life.

There is a REASON WHY human beings grow to become male or female and a reason why the two are designed to become one, whereby a family is created with a Father and a Mother and children. God could have made things any way He so chose, but He made them for our understanding as Rom. 1:20 declares so that the Word of God and the Creation of God harmonize together.

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