The American Wisdom Series

Jesus Christ was/is a spirit being
with a celestial body
from forever, until forever,


He, as the only begotten Son of God,
 came down to earth, for a short while,

(about 30+ years)
living in a flesh and blood terrestrial body,
 just like the animal body we now have.

You were also a spirit being with a celestial body
when you were first created,
 before the first earth age,
and then lived here on earth
along with the dinosaurs and all the other
prehistoric animals of that age.

(The earth as described in Genesis 1:1)

  But after Lucifer's/Satan's sin,
of enticing 1/3 of us, God's children,
to side with him in his rebellion against God,

in that first earth age;
God, in His fierce anger,
removed us from the earth for a time,
 sentencing Lucifer/Satan to die,
to be no more, in "The Lake of Fire"
at the close of the Millennium

destroyed the first earth age
killing all life left here at the time.
(The earth as described in Genesis 1:2)
(The Ice Age
was between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2)

God then made the earth livable again,
 although not in it's original splendor.

(As described in the rest of the Bible after Genesis 1:3, up until the end of this second earth age at Christ's return)
 He decreed that each of us,
 in our turn,
must come back to earth,
  born of water,
like He himself did,
 (from the womb of woman)
and live here, for a short while,
to experience life and death
of this terrestrial body we now live in,
while loosing all ability to communicate
 with our loved ones
who have preceded us in this "shadow of death"
(the death of our flesh and blood body);
To those people, as Peter called them "SCOFFERS", who don't have "eyes to see" the first earth age and that it took place prior to Genesis 1:2, I can only ask what you see in this running line below? II Peter 3:3 "Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,"   
When did Lucifer sin if it wasn't in a previous earth age? He was already the fallen angel renamed "Satan", "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil", in the Garden of Eden. -/-/- When did God know Jeremiah if it wasn't in a previous earth age? He said in Jeremiah 1:5; "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou comest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet of nations." If it wasn't in a previous earth age, when was it? -/-/- When Esau and Jacob were born, the Lord said to Rebekah, their mother, in Genesis 25:23 "And the Lord said unto her, "Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder (Esau) shall serve the younger (Jacob). And in Malachi 1:2 The Lord said, ..."yet I loved Jacob", And in Malachi 1:3 He said, "I hated Esau", Why would God say Jacob He loved and Esau He hated if it wasn't from some event in a previous earth age? -/-/- Why would God say to Job, "Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me. Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth?" If Job had not been there to witness it when it happened before a previous earth age, why would God ask him where he was, like he should know? -/-/- Why would Paul say, "He hath chosen us in Him before the foundation (destruction) of the world" if it hadn't happened in a previous earth age? -/-/- Why would he say in Hebrews 4:3 "For we which have believed do enter into rest, as he said, As I have sworn in my wrath, if they shall enter into my rest: although the works were finished from the foundation (destruction) of the world" and in Hebrews 9:26 "For then must He often have suffered since the foundation (destruction) of the world: but now once in the end of the world hath He appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself." if all this hadn't happened in a previous earth age? -/-/- Also, Read what Jesus has to say to Nicodemus in John 3:3 "Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." - Of course,flesh and blood cannot literally enter the kingdom of God. You must first be born back into your celestial bodies when this flesh and blood life ends and we are no longer in our terrestrial bodies. - Cremated, buried, blown apart or vaporized by a nuclear bomb, it doesn't matter. When you are through with the flesh body, you are through with it forever. -/-/- For as Paul documents in I Cor. 15 there are two bodies, one is of flesh and one is of spirit. So when you die in the flesh you are raised, shall we even say born, into your spiritual body. 1 Cor. 15:44 It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body. He goes on to say that unless you are born back into a spiritual body, you cannot "literally" enter into the kingdom of God. - You can be saved, by repentance and claiming the blood of Christ to cover your sins, but you must, at the death of your flesh body, or at Christ's return, (which ever happens first) be reborn into a new spiritual (celestial) body to literally enter Christ's kingdom. -/-/- In 1 Cor. 15:50 Paul says, "Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption." -/-/- And you tell me, what did Jeremiah have this vision of, if it wasn't of the first earth age If we look at Jeremiah's vision of the earth (Jer. 4:23-26) it was without form and void; and had no light and the mountains trembled and the hills moved. And there were no men and all the birds were gone. He said the fruitful place was a wilderness, and all the cities were broken down because of the Lord's anger. He must have seen the earth as it is described in Gen. 1:2 and as Peter described it in 2 Peter 3:6 because the earth has never been empty and waste and dark since the six days of God's activity as described in Gen. 1:3 to 2:25. The only time the sun and stars were not allowed to give light was the period before the six days. They have been giving light ever since. There never has been a time or will be a time when there were no men on earth since then. Yet Jeremiah said all the cities were gone and no men were there.  
(Genesis 1:3 to Revelation 22;17)
1 Corinthians 10:11  Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come
teaching us what
the death of our soul will be like
for all eternity
if we don't believe in Jesus and accept Him,
 Jesus Christ,
 as our personal savior
and His precious sin free blood to cover our sins,
He can do that because He is both man and God
(both the son of man and the Son of God)
and inviting Him to live in
and change our heart and mind
to tell the difference between what is
Holy(Jesus) and what is profane(Satan).


To st
udy the Bible is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.  We pray that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you accomplish both