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Where did Jeremiah go with Baruch his secretary and one or more of the royal daughters of the king?

History stops short at this point.
Enlightened students of Bible history have long known that the Ten Tribes called by the name "House of Israel " have been lost, and exist today among the Gentile nations, unrecognized by the world

Their identity, and location, is one of the things God has hidden from the world.

Yet, in this end-time, when knowledge is to increase,
when the "wise" are to understand (Daniel 12:4, 10),
we shall find the secret revealed through prophecy
which could not be understood until now.

But first, we must now consider a mysterious "breach"
that occurred in the days of Judah, son of Jacob.
Judah was the father of twin sons.
The firstborn was royal seed, for through him the sceptre promise was to be carried down.
It seems the midwife knew twins were about to be born.
It is recorded that just before birth one of the twins "put out his hand:
and the midwife took and bound upon his hand a scarlet thread, saying 'This came out first.'
"But the child drew back his hand, and the other was actually born first.
The mid-wife exclaimed, "How hast thou broken forth?
This breach be upon thee: [margin, wherefore hast thou made this breach against thee?]
Therefore his name was called Pharez," meaning "Breach" (Genesis 38:27-30).

Why should this strange occurrence be recorded in Bible history, unless this breach was to be healed between the sons or their descendants at some future time?
Yet it never occurred in their lifetime.

Zarah, of the scarlet thread, had five sons (I Chronicles 2:6).
Did a descendant of Zarah finally get the throne,
in a manner healing the breach?
David, Zedekiah, Christ, all were of the Pharez branch-none of Zarah.

Now consider:
  1.The fact of the breach calls for the transfer of the sceptre from the Pharez to the Zarah line.
  2.Such transfer never occurred before King Zedekiah of Judah, who was descended from Pharez.
  3.Therefore it had to occur after Zedekiah's death.

Since David's line (Pharez) is to remain on the throne through all generations forever, it could only occur at an overturn of the throne by a marriage between a Pharez heir to the throne and one of the Zarah line, thus healing the breach.

The descendants of Zarah according to a few scattered traditions became wanderers,
journeying to the northwest within the confines of the Scythian nations,
their descendants joining the Ten Tribes.

But meanwhile, the Pharez-David-Zedekiah line possessed the sceptre was high exalted. The Zarah line, feeling it rightfully should possess the sceptre, and some day would, was low, abased so far as royal power was concerned.

To study the Bible is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.
We pray that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you accomplish both.

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