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Pamphlet #7033

    David Takes the Throne

After the death of Jacob and his twelve sons in Egypt,
their children grew in some two hundred years to a population
of about two million in that land.

Then God raised up Moses and fitted him in special way to lead these children of Israel,
out of the bondage that had come to them in Egypt.

When they reached Mt. Sinai, in the peninsula wilderness,
God made a covenant with them establishing them as a nation,
his nation, among the kingdoms of the world.

Their government was theocratic, with the civil,
as well as the spiritual and religious laws, given direct from God.
God himself was their king end he ruled them by a system of Judges.

But later the Israelites demanded a man for king,
even as the Gentile nations around them.
And so God gave them Saul as their first human king.
Saul, however, was not a good king, nor was his heart right with God.

Saul was dethroned. His dynasty faded away with his son.

Then God placed David, a man after his own heart,
of no relationship to Saul, upon the throne of Israel.
Because of his obedience and sincerity and honesty of heart,
David, like Abraham, received a most astonishing unconditional promise from God,
as little known as the birthright promised to Abraham.

The Davidic Covenant
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