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MyHi-lite: The Mysteries of the Kingdom: the Period between the King's two advents, continued
The lost tribes of Israel (see Hosea 8:8 & Ezekiel 34:11-12 & 16)
Matthew 13:44  Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field.

Now let us return to Matthew 13 and learn "Again", "Again", and "Again" adding to our knowledge and understanding of what the kingdom of heaven is like unto (See structure below). To this point in the Parable of the Sower we have learned about the plan of the kingdom of heaven and how that plan works! We have learned about the sowing of the tares by enemy noting who they are, how they operate by roosting in the branches, and the fact that Christ told us to "leave them alone" and let them grow until the harvest. We also learned how God's elect are used in the three earth ages to bring about the filling up of the whole, i.e. the three measures of meal. So as we read these next few parables, keep in mind that there will ultimately be a division and a separation between the tares and the wheat, between that which is good and that which is wicked, between that which is clean and that which is unclean.

Matthew 13:44
Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field.
It is true that there is nothing more precious and valuable and joyous to our Father than His children and the love He has for them. You "see", His children are His most valued treasure which is why Jesus Christ came and paid the price on the cross with His shed blood to purchase the entire field, the tares included, and He will come and save His treasure out of the field! But the tares shall be gathered by the angels and cast into the furnace of fire at the end of the Millennium. We read of that casting into the fire in verse 42 in our last study and we shall read it once again for emphasis in verse 50 as these three "again" parables are linked together. The point is we are to know that it is the plan of God and therefore what the kingdom of heaven is like unto.

Then too as the saying goes, like father like son! One who loves and serves our Father with both eyes to see and ears to hear knows in his or her heart that in this "field" wherein we "walk under the sun" there is simply NOTHING of more value than the treasures and riches to be found in the Word of God. For we know that ALL the treasures of knowledge and pearls of wisdom even from "the foundation of the world" are hidden in the parables, in the words of Jesus Christ, the Word of God, who is our joy. You "see", if you are part of the king's dominion, the kingdom of heaven, then you are like this!

Col. 2:2-3
That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ;

[3] In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

How valuable to you are the hidden treasures of wisdom and knowledge contained in the Word of God? It sure was worth a lot to the Queen of Sheba to come hear the treasures of wisdom God had given unto Solomon, remember?

To study the Bible is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.
We pray that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you accomplish both.

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