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Pamphlet #10001

We introduce

Do you have
      Boiling Frog Syndrome? 

                                                   ...Preserve, Protect, and Defend our Constitution



Did you ever try to boil a frog?

You can't throw him in hot water!

He'll jump right back out!

To boil a frog you must first place him

in cool comfortable water.

He will stay in the kettle.

Then, turn the heat up slowly;

being cold blooded

he will remain comfortable,

staying in the water

even though it is getting hotter.

Without even knowing he's in trouble;

you guessed it!

Boiled Frog!

We the "Boiled Frog Society"

 citizens of these United States of America


"The Water is getting Hot"

Our government is slowly taking away our freedoms

Do you have Boiling Frog Syndrome?

People with "Boiling Frog Syndrome"


all those who blindly vote for

 most all Democrats and even some Republicans,

with a left leaning progressive bias

election after election

"We the People"

Are not cold blooded biologically

but, we sure are mentally

we don't even realize that the country

our founding fathers fought for,

won and organized is

slowly slipping from our grasp. (like a boiling frog) 


In 1776 we won independence from England and formed a new nation based on individual freedom,

for the average citizen;

recognizing that we have

inalienable God given rights

that can not be denied by government.

In 1865 those freedoms were

extended to include our brothers of color.

From 1868 until 1913 we all lived free.

In 1913 after the income tax amendment was ratified; politicians with a liberal progressive bias, with our hard earned money, in their government coffers,

started the era of big government.

Since 1913 we have been turning our lives over to our government, slowly at first but, since the Depression and the Second World War, at ever expanding speed.

It is laws restricting hard earned freedom passed by politicians with a liberal progressive bias

and rulings by courts appointed by these same politicians

that are the culprits.

For the past century we have been

sliding down the slippery slop to serfdom or slavery.

At the current rate of decent

we'll be answering to a dictator

in 30 years or less.

We must stop the slid down

this slippery slope of tyranny

while we still can.

by electing Constitutionally focussed conservative candidates.

"We the People" Voters

We should know better

We had better jump out of the water

"stop supporting any

left leaning Republicans



with a progressive liberal bias"

Before we're Boiled

Loosing all are rights.

"Change the Burners; Put Out the Fire"

Elect new and different representatives

Not those liberal minded candidates

Who are taking us towards doom


Vote for and elect constitutionally focussed candidates

Not the ones who just say they are, and have never read the constitution;

but have a left leaning progressive bias.

          who believe in Limited Constitutional Government 

If we blindly continue to support candidates who have taken us to where we are,

I fear for our future.

I call on good Citizens, if you have been voting for politicians with a liberal progressive bias (Mostly Democrats and some Republicans with a left leaning progressive bias,

whatever your race

the rich and the poor,

the strong and the weak,

from our smallest towns,

to our largest cities,

all of us living in the United States of America

to change your voting priorities;

become a member of a focussed group of citizens who only vote for morally sound candidates.

If you are a concerveative Constitutionally minded citizen,

who values our "Bill of Rights"

become a principled candidate yourself

for Local office,

for County office,

for State office,

for National office;

You don't want to become a candidate?

You can still help!

by still only voting for

only Principled  candidates.

Our Constitutional

Statement of Principles

We recognize and affirm the God-given dignity of the individual and believe that the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America, and its Bill of Rights most clearly articulate this basic principle. To restore and preserve that fundamental human dignity, we proclaim:

That every individual has a paramount right to life from conception until natural death and the government shall not infringe upon that right.

That the right of citizens to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves and others shall not be questioned.

That the freedom to own, use, exchange, control, protect, and freely dispose of property and other assets is an inseparable extension of the individual's inalienable rights.

That the primary unit of society is the family (persons related by blood, marriage, or adoption) and it must be accorded all rights and responsibilities to direct care of its members, particularly in the areas of education, health care, discipline, and the upbringing of children without government interference.

That the United States of America is a sovereign nation and therefore must maintain control over its own affairs.

That guided by Divine Providence, our Founding Fathers established this nation on Israelite-Christian principles and therefore the right to the free exercise of religious beliefs is inviolate.

That our government is one of limited, delegated powers operating as a republic within the confines of the Constitution of the United States of America. The federal government derives its authority from its sovereign citizens and it is to be their servant, not their master.


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