1st, 2nd & 3rd John
1st John Introduction
#1543A person who does not "walk in that light", yet claims to be a Christian, is nothing more that a liar!
#1544   It goes without saying that the apostle John knew exactly who Jesus Christ was.
#1545Will going to church and doing many good and wonderful works get you to heaven?
#1546   Not everyone who claims to be a Christian is going to make it in the first resurrection.
#1547This doesn't sound very "Politically Correct", does it?
#1548   The Lord is not slack concerning his promise
#1549So if you are one of God's elect here is what John has to say to you:
#1550   We know that it is the last time, don't we?
#1551Do not be seduced as Eve was in the beginning
#1552   Do you have the desire to know and understand the Word of God?
#1553Most Christians do not KNOW who their real enemies are today.
#1554   Do you look forward to the sound of 7th Trump and understand the change from flesh to spirit and from mortality to immortality?
#1555The only thing Jesus Christ "nailed to the cross" were "dogmas", which were religious ceremonies and ritualisms, and the blood sacrifices of animals, etc.
#1556Why is it that some people think that the law of God is a bad thing?
#1557    Anyone who believes that Christians do not sin after they are converted lives in a fantasy world built by the traditions of men.
#1558   Who was the first person who did not love his brother?
#1559Remember we read that Cain's works were evil? Well so were and are his children's.
#1560   The children of disobedience are the kenites who are "of" their father the devil (Jn. 8:44).
#1561All most of us get are crumbs, i.e. religion, ceremonies, man's traditions, churchianity, sweet-baby-Jesus-why-can't-we-just-get-along liberal theology.
#1562   Are "you" your favorite subject?
#1563For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.
#1564   Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God
#1565The false messiah will put on quite a show and perform "supernatural" signs and wonders
#1566"Search the scriptures daily" to see if what is being taught is documented in God's Word.
#1567   This is extremely important in these last days because it is written that God's elect will be delivered up to Satan when he comes as the spurious messiah.
#1568   Our Father in His love for us gave us the Living Word and the Written Word and the two are inseparable.
#1569If you know the love of God and abide in His love, in His Word, then there is nothing to fear.
#1570   The spirit of antichrist is presently at work in his children, the children of the devil (1 John 3:10).
#1571Even the devils believe that there is a God, but they do not the works that demonstrate they believe Him.
#1572If you truly believe that Jesus is the Son of God, then this letter is written to you.
#1573It is those who ask "according to His will" who are actually "in His will"!
#1574There is one sin unto death!
#1575   "You are what you eat." Well, that applies to spiritual food as well.
#1576Most Christians do not know the Parable of the Fig Tree, which Christ specifically told them to learn in Mark 13 and Mat. 24, they do not know who is of Judah and who isn't!
#1577 If you "abide in your church" instead of "Abiding in Christ", you are in big trouble!
This is not an omission - #1578 and #1579 are Rapture pamphlets as are #1452 and #1453
#1580Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
#1581There are MANY churches today where John, or Matthew, or Luke, or Paul would not be able to even take communion!Imagine that!
#1582 Therefore, seeing that we are in the last days...

#2000   Hold fast to the truth of God's Word and stay the course and do not wander off after the traditions of men and their seducing spirits (doctrines).
#2001Do you believe God's promises? Do you trust and have faith in Him to be true to His Word?
#2002  Do you understand why Jesus Christ was slain on the cross outside the city gate, away from the temple?
#2003May God have mercy on those who lead His children astray.

#2011  There is nothing more important and more serious than teaching the Word of God!

Complete prophetic chapters of Daniel
"Daniel's Visions" all In 1 complete file

The book of Exodus
Exodus Introduction
Israel in Egypt: Oppression and conflict with Pharaon, 1:1-12:36
#2301   Chapters 1
#2302   Chapter 2
#2303   Chapter 3
#2304Chapter 4
#2305   Chapter 5
#2306Chapter 6
#2307   Chapter 7
#2308 Chapter 8
#2309 Chapter 9
#2310   Chapter 10
#2311   Chapters 11
The Exodus from Egypt and Journey to Sinai, 12:37-18:27
#2312   Chapter 12
#2313   Chapter 13
#2314 Chapter 14
#2315   Chapter 15
#2316 Chapter 16
#2317   Chapter 17
#2318 Chapter 18
At Sinai:the Giving of the Law and the Construction of the Tabernacle, 19:1-40:38.
#2319 Chapter 19
#2320    Chapter 20
#2321    Chapters 21
#2322    Chapter 22
#2323    Chapter 23
#2324 Chapter 24
#2325   Chapter 25
#2326 Chapter 26
#2327   Chapter 27
#2328 Chapter 28
#2329 Chapter 29
#2330   Chapter 30
#2331   Chapters 31
#2332   Chapter 32
#2333   Chapter 33
#2334 Chapter 34
#2335   Chapter 35
#2336 Chapter 36
#2337   Chapter 37
#2338 Chapter 38
#2339 Chapter 39
#2340   Chapter 40

Numbers Introduction
Numbers may be divided into four major sections:
1. Preparations for Departure from Sinai, 1:1-10:10.
#2351   Chapters 1
#2352   Chapter 2
#2353   Chapter 3
#2354Chapter 4
#2355   Chapter 5
#2356Chapter 6
#2357   Chapter 7
#2358Chapter 8
#2359Chapter 9
2. From Sinai to the Plains of Moab, 10:11-21:35
#2360   Chapter 10
#2361   Chapters 11
#2362   Chapter 12
#2363   Chapter 13
#2364Chapter 14
#2365   Chapter 15
#2366Chapter 16
#2367   Chapter 17
#2368Chapter 18
#2369Chapter 19
#2370    Chapter 20
#2371    Chapters 21
3. The Prophecies of Balaam, 22:1-25:18.
#2372    Chapter 22
#2373    Chapter 23
#2374Chapter 24
#2375   Chapter 25
4. The Preparations for Entering the Promised Land, 26:1-36:13.
#2376Chapter 26
#2327   Chapter 27
#2378Chapter 28
#2379Chapter 29
#2380   Chapter 30
#2381   Chapters 31
#2382   Chapter 32
#2383   Chapter 33
#2384Chapter 34
#2385   Chapter 35
#2386Chapter 36

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As you read the Book of Deuteronomy please remember what Paul told us in Corinthians about the experiences of the Israelites in the wilderness after Moses led them out of Egypt.  Remember the Books of Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers describe Israelite history in the wilderness. Deuteronomy and Joshua also describe the Israelites experiences.
Deuteronomy Introduction
Deuteronomy may be divided into five major sections:
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1. First Discourse: Review of Israel's History after the Exodus, and Its Lessons, 1-4.
#2401   Chapters 1
#2402   Chapter 2
#2403   Chapter 3
#2404Chapter 4
2. Second Discourse: Rehearsal of the Sinaitic laws, with warnings and Exhortations, 5-26.
#2405   Chapter 5
#2406Chapter 6
#2407   Chapter 7
#2408Chapter 8
#2409Chapter 9
#2410   Chapter 10
#2411   Chapters 11
#2412   Chapter 12
#2413   Chapter 13
#2414Chapter 14
#2415   Chapter 15
#2416Chapter 16
#2417   Chapter 17
#2418Chapter 18
#2419Chapter 19
#2420    Chapter 20
#2421    Chapters 21
#2422    Chapter 22
#2423    Chapter 23
#2424Chapter 24
#2425   Chapter 25
#2426Chapter 26
3. Third Discourse: Blessings and Curses for Obedience and Disobedience, 27-28.
#2427   Chapter 27
#2428Chapter 28
4. Fourth Discourse: The Palestinian Covenant; Its Warnings and Promised Blessings, 29-30.
#2429Chapter 29
#2430   Chapter 30
5. Conclusion: Final Words and Acts of Moses, and His Death, 31-34
#2431   Chapters 31
#2432  Chapter 32
#2433   Chapter 33
#2434Chapter 34

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As you read the Book of Numbers please remember what Paul told us in Corinthians about the experiences of the Israelites in the wilderness after Moses led them out of Egypt.  Remember the Books of Exodus and Leviticus also describe Israelite history in the wilderness.
Joshua Introduction
Joshua may be divided into four major sections:
1. Preparation for Entering Palestine, 1-5.
#2451   Chapters 1
#2452   Chapter 2
#2453   Chapter 3
#2454Chapter 4
#2455   Chapter 5
2. The Conquest of the Land, 6-12.
#2456Chapter 6
#2457   Chapter 7
#2458Chapter 8
#2459Chapter 9
#2460   Chapter 10
#2461   Chapters 11
#2462   Chapter 12
3. The Allocation of Territories to the Tribes, 13-22.
#2463   Chapter 13
#2464Chapter 14
#2465   Chapter 15
#2466Chapter 16
#2467   Chapter 17
#2468Chapter 18
#2469Chapter 19
#2470    Chapter 20
#2471    Chapters 21
#2472    Chapter 22
4. Joshua's Final Message  and Death, 23-24
#2473    Chapter 23
#2474Chapter 24

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#2501Introduction to the book of Matthew
#2501aThe New Testament begins by establishing the "engendering" of the "Royal Genealogy", the Throne of David, the kingship line, the lineage of the King of kings,
#2501b   Matthew now tells us a little of the "Christmas Story".
#2502 The next time someone tells you that Christ was a Jew (of Judah) let them know that, yes... He was of that regal kingship line of the House of David through which He is the King of kings, but He was also of priesthood line through the tribe of Levi through which He is the Lord of lords.
2502a   When you sing along with "We Three Kings of Orient are...", don't confuse song lyrics based on tradition with scripture. We don't know how many wise men visited "The God Child" - We do know they didn't visit Him at the manger!
#2503The simplicity of the matter is that babies are not naturally born before the travail, but after the labor pangs!
#2503a   This flesh age is only temporary and all that is "under the sun" shall pass away!
#2504Spiritually speaking we are in the wilderness today.
#2505   Satan is very knowledgeable of the scriptures and can twist and TURN around the Word of God ever so ingeniously and cunningly.
#2505aIn order to "live" (as in eternally) man must partake of the heavenly manna, that spiritual bread from above which is the rich nutrition of the Word of God, which alone gives and sustains life.
#2506   The time has now come for Jesus Christ to openly begin His ministry.
#2506aTo give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.

The Sermon on the Mount, including the Beatitudes on one file.
The Sermon on the Mount, including the Beatitudes: #2507 through #2514
#2507 Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. Matthew 5:13
#2508Christ's current disciples are the sons and daughters in this final generation of the fig tree of whom it was prophesied would see (as in understand) the visions of the prophets (Act. 2) and teach God's Word to their brothers and sisters of the true House of Israel!
#2509    Did you know that Christ was divorced?
#2510 Speaking of gun control, Christ did not tell Peter not to carry his sword, but rather to put it back in its sheath.
#2511   "Do you seek to please God or men?"
#2512    "Just how does one make a "spiritual deposit" in heaven?"
#2513  Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
#2514   In other words, if what you have plucked are nothing but the traditions of men, like stories about snakes and apples, and rapture theories, and Easter bunnies, etc., then you are barking up the wrong tree!

#2515a   JESUS HEALS THE CENTURION Christ rebukes the "wind" and the "sea", and there was a great calm.
#2516    The beginnings of "sorrows" (labor pangs) which precede the birth of a new age.
#2516a Christ rebukes the "wind" and the "sea", and there was a great calm.
#2516b   Christ casts devils out of the herd of swine.
#2517   Jesus and His disciples got along well with real "down to earth" people who were not "phony baloney" religionists.
#2518You "see", the sin of America in these last days is IDOLATRY
#2519   True disciples of Jesus Christ, students of the Word of God, know who the lost sheep of the house of Israel are.
#2520   It is written that most of our loved ones, though they call themselves Christians, will be deceived by Satan, the as the spurious messiah, and will believe in their hearts that he is really Jesus Christ, the true Messiah, when in fact he is none other that the "son of perdition", the son who has already been sentenced to die (Ezk. 28:18-19) and perish in the lake of fire
#2521   You must go to Jesus Christ, to the Word of God, privately (Mark 13:3) when you do not know something and seek revelation (understanding) by listening to His Voice, hearing His words in your ear  ! Yes, His Word, it's written in your Bible!
#2522"What would it take for you to 'sell out' and compromise the Word of God? Could you be swayed from the truth of His Word because your family turned on you?
#2523The "curse" that comes before the second advent is the accursed one, the abomination of desolation, i.e. Satan as the false Messiah.
#2524"For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him."
#2525   If you think you know Jesus Christ and yet you are ignorant of His Word, you are deceiving yourself and headed for a great fall when antichrist shows up.
#2526When you blaspheme the Holy Spirit, you have got big, big problems!
#2527   Do you know what the unpardonable sin is?
#2528What part of three days and three nights don't our church leaders understand?

Three Parables and Explanations of which reveal secrets which are still hidden from most of us to this very day on one file.
Three Parables and Explanations of which reveal secrets which are still hidden from most of us to this very day: #2529 through #2532
#2529   And yet as simple as His explanation is, would you believe that the knowledge He reveals to us is still hidden  to this very day "like a fig" from the multitudes of Christianity!
#2530Jesus Christ told His disciples that He spoke in parables for two reasons.
#2531   So if it "feels good", DO IT! And Eve took hold of the tree (asherah) and "Did it"!
#2532Have you ever wondered why it is that Cain is not listed in Adam's genealogy in chapter five of Genesis?

#2533   Promised with an oath? Well now, here's an opportunity for old Satan to go work.
#2534Christ performs two miracles for the purpose of teaching His disciples (students), those of the brethren with eyes to see and ears to hear.
#2535   A wise person would therefore pay close attention to Christ's instructions.
#2536   One who takes His name and leads His children astray is going to pay an awesome price!
#2537   Christ is now going to take a side trip to the coasts of Tyre and Sidon and return in order to teach His disciples, which means you and me in these last days, a great lesson concerning the grace and mercy of our God.
#2538"Are you able to discern the times* (season) in which we now live?"
#2539   It is written and we have already learned in this great Book of Matthew that not everyone who says "Lord, Lord" shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.
#2540   You might ask yourself ,"What will you take for your soul?" So be careful what you do and who you follow!
#2541It was actually Peter's deep affection and abiding love for Christ that Satan was able to take advantage of in an attempt to hinder the very plan of salvation
#2542   Think about it as we spiritually discern His power and glory in today's study.
#2543Please know that If you ARE part of the kingdom of heaven, that His kingdom is NOT of this world (John 18:36).
#2544   (Matthew 6:11-12)." [11] "Give us this day our daily bread. [12] And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors
#2545Yes, Christ also heals our physical infirmities but as in all cases of His healing, it is the spiritual healing that is the most important and lasting for though your flesh is healed, it shall still die, but if your soul is healed it shall live forever.
#2546Christ wanted his disciples to see a picture with their flesh eyes so that they might be able to "see" with their spiritual eyes the real picture of what He was teaching them!
#2547But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.
#2548   This is another "is like", an analogy acted out in the physical dimension so that we can see and understand on the spiritual level.
#2549As Jesus just said in Matthew 21:21, "It shall be done"! And so it SHALL... for it is written.
#2550   Many churches today concentrate more on fund raisers, pledges of money, pass the plate, building funds, etc., etc., than on teaching God's Word.
#2551   It is hard for many Christians to understand that Jesus Christ becomes a stumbling block, to those who stumble at His Word, i.e. do not hear His voice but rather follow the traditions of men.
#2552If you accept a spirit, which means "wind of doctrine", i.e. teaching, and you have not "received it", which means you have not "assayed" it by checking it out thoroughly in the Word of God, then you are in grave danger of being seduced my friend!
#2553Jesus let them know that He knew their game plan and what they were up to!
#2554   That is not opinion but exactly what God has said is the most important thing.
#2555    This 23rd chapter is an exposť on the hidden dynasty of churchianity.

The Woes - #2556
#2556   Jesus outlines and exposes the works of the scribes and Pharisees, the teachers and religious leaders of the people, even like the preachers and teachers among the multitudes in Christianity today.

Olivet Prophecy on one file.
Olivet Prophecy: #2557 through #2564
#2557It never occurred to most of our generation that it would be during our lifetime that we are no longer reading the Olivet Prophecy but rather the Olivet History and Current Events.
#2558   The message to the kings and rulers of the nations will be that their little LOVE AFFAIR with the harlot, the New World Order is about to end.
#2559   Christ foretold us what would take place in this final generation.
 #2560   And contrary to popular tradition, the tribulation of Satan as the false Christ, is a time of peace and prosperity when the world will believe that the messiah has come.
#2561The question is, how do we determine when the final generation begins.
#2562   It all depends on how wise you are!
2563    Don't misunderstand what we teach; We are not teaching salvation by works! But, by golly, your works will reflect the sincerity of your belief in the Lord!
#2564   Teach a man how to eat the Bread of Life and you feed his soul for all eternity.

Last Supper, Betrayal, and Arrest of Jesus on one file.
Last Supper, Betrayal, and Arrest of Jesus: #2565 through #2569
#2565   Do you have the blood of the Lamb placed upon the lintels and doorposts of your mind?
#2566You "see", you either believe in Jesus all the way or quite frankly you don't believe at all.
#2567   "never say never", especially when it comes to God's Word applying to you!
#2568    Contrary to what most of us have been taught, Jesus Christ was not the least bit apprehensive about facing death.
#2569   This priceless lesson that cut to his heart woke Peter up to the reality of Christ.

Our Lord Tried, Crucified and He is Risen on one file.
Our Lord Tried, Crucified and He is Risen: #2570 through #2573
#2570"Have you heard the "cock crow" in your life"
#2571  Isn't it amazing how even the very words the chief priest would say, mocking Jesus,  while He was hanging on the cross were written and foretold of in Psalm 22, and our Father brought it to pass exactly as it is written.
#2572Our flesh eyes cannot see things that are spiritual because those things are invisible to our physical sight. To compensate God shows us physical examples that we can relate to and help us understand spiritual realities.
#2573   Teach them to hear the Word of God, to hear His Voice, and if they will so do, then His Spirit (Breath) will enter into them and they will come alive spiritually and enter into eternal life.

The book of Leviticus
As you read the Book of Leviticus please remember what Paul told us in Corinthians about the experiences of the Israelites in the wilderness after Moses led them out of Egypt.  Remember the Books of Exodus and Numbers also describe Israelite history in the wilderness.
Leviticus Introduction
Leviticus may be divided as follows:
The Offerings, 1-7.
#2574   Chapters 1
#2575   Chapter 2
#2576   Chapter 3
#2577Chapter 4
#2578   Chapter 5
#2579Chapter 6
#2580   Chapter 7
Consecration of Aaron and His Sons, 8-10.
#2581Chapter 8
#2582Chapter 9
#2583   Chapter 10
#2584   Chapters 11
#2585   Chapter 12
#2586   Chapter 13
#2587Chapter 14
#2588   Chapter 15
#2589Chapter 16
#2590   Chapter 17
LawsRegulating the Personal Relationships of the Redeemed People, 18-20
#2591Chapter 18
#2592Chapter 19
#2593    Chapter 20
Laws Regulating the Priesthood and the Seven Great Feasts of the Hebrew Calander, 21-23
#2594    Chapters 21
#2595    Chapter 22
#2596    Chapter 23
Additional Laws, Promises, and Warnings, 24-27
#2597Chapter 24
#2598   Chapter 25
#2599Chapter 26
#2600   Chapter 27

#3010If it were not for Ezekiel's description of God's space ship in chapters 1 and 10 we would not know a spaceship is being referred to in 2 Kings chapter 2

#3022"Capital punishment"
#3023What shall you give to the poor, in order to gain treasure for yourself in heaven?
#3024   In Daniel 11 verses 36 & 37 we read where the vile person was "exalting himself, and magnifying himself above every god".

#3027"We Live in Biblical Times" Isn't this the most exciting "Bible Times" in the history of mankind?